Daddy Freeze on RCCG: Prove your Truth & Faith -By Nneka Okumazie

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If RCCG and other true Churches in Nigeria are really great for Nigeria, why is Nigeria not developed? If the Church is not a scam, why is the Church expanding and prospering?

Daddy freeze is stirring up lots of minds against the Church making stupid conclusions and trying to make a fool of the Church.

He’s stricken with bitterness, dedicated to anger and seeking destruction. He bring out the worst in people, encouraging them against the Faith, sowing doubts and he’s scummy selfish.

All he does is to refute the need for the Church. Interpret the Bible against the Church, proportionate underdevelopment with the Church and find generalizations against all.

He wants the Church to prove they have a GOD that saves. He wrote on his social media in response to a comment that “The person that ‘did’ us [Nigeria] has died”.



He can’t believe anything, or accept anything about the Church, or the Faith. In all his bitterness, he cannot say anything the Church has hindered for development of Nigeria – directly or indirectly.

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The same way any human can make a choice to live, or believe in something, or to have a hobby, or habit, or a social activity, or addiction, or social spending is the same way people choose Christ.

But he had created a charged environment to counter the Church, and lots of people took the bait, thinking anger against the Church, a choice – means smartness.

If going to Church or being a Christian is a bad thing, then every other social activity, fitness or habit, or hobby, or social spending is a bad thing.

The Will of GOD

Jesus was challenged – If thou be Christ, save thyself and us. Jesus sometimes chose whose home He went, or what miracles He did.

Comments to undermine Christianity because of underdevelopment is the same way a mad person blames you for what is not your responsibility or says you should do anything you have the ability to do – at any time.

Just do something, so long you can, no matter what your policy is, no matter the appropriateness, or the consequence or your purpose, or need, do it.

The Almighty GOD is Sovereign, He does as He pleases and can choose to save. He knows best when He does not appear to save – in how humans see it. Believers often understood this.

Apostle Paul has massive struggles. Joseph was imprisoned for rejecting sin. David was hunted because individuals he – probably – didn’t know sang his praise, irking the king.

There are so many examples of storms and struggles. There are Christians whom in their own lives have had massive struggles, but often emerge better – learning, growing and encouraging others.

Church People

Christianity is not the rosy Faith, where truth is not told or change is not important. Old things are required to pass away. Water and Spirit baptisms are expected. Consecration and sanctification are also expected.

Yes, there are lots of hypocritical Christians in Churches. But it is not the fault of the Pastor to know what pretenders are in Church.

There are nominal Christians who still have the same behavior from the past and even worst at it. There are those who use the Faith as a tool for shenanigans.

But all of these people do not invalidate the Faith. They are not to be used to judge all. Yes, nobody is perfect and all have sinned, but it is expected that Christians grow in Faith, forsaking past actions and having genuine repentance.

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If a true Pastor preaches on salvation, holiness and righteousness and people reject, whose fault is it?

If the Holy Spirit convicts a person of sin and the heart is hardened, the responsibility is the persons’. There is a certain expectation that Christ has for Christians.

Also, if there are Christians in Church who work in fields where solutions are supposed to be created for the society and they refused to be innovative and refused to be great, then it is their fault.

When people gather in Church in the name of Jesus, it is for true Faith, true Hope, and Worship – in Spirit and in Truth.

There are also lots of self-development, character corrections, values and life goals that are shaped through the Faith, to be deployed in respective endeavors.

Churches are not all these lies going around – with hate – on social media, forums and comments section.

Aggressive Evangelism

A twitter user recently complained that an individual preaching on the bus was loud – causing discomfort and was told to keep the voice down. OK.

The tweet had likes and re-tweets. It stoked those who wanted activism against Preachers because to them Churches are the problems of Nigeria.

Yes, sometimes, certain approaches may not be great. But if there is any discomfort that evangelism causes, or say a true Church Parish, somewhere, there are twenty more discomforts just before or after that event that is caused by the Nigerian situation.

There are some routes in Lagos on some evenings with three hours traffic. There are streets where dust is everywhere. There are non-Church places where speakers are outside and resented noise is made. There is fear of aggressors in traffic.

There are mosquitoes. Emergency is still not very effective in Nigeria. There are police like thieves. There are places where electricity goes anytime & comes back anytime, just like what madness is.

There are a ton of discomforts across Nigeria. Yes, at some points it may be a Church, or a Christian, or a parade for some, but it does not mean Christianity is pain for the society any more than underdevelopment is.

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However, with all the lies daddy freeze tells, it is like Churches are to blame for all the noise in the environment, all the traffic, all the electricity outages, all the unpaved roads, all what people earn & spend, all the strikes, all the low impact education, all the unsafe roads, all the high electricity bills, all the unemployment, all the divorces, all the worst state governments in Nigeria and all the underdevelopment since independence.