Daring to be different in Africa

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Have you ever wondered why some people succeed and some others fail? I discovered that the major difference between the person that is succeeding and the one that is failing is in the states of their hearts. The heart also defines the difference between a rich man and a poor man. The journey from failure to success is first an internal trip. The good news is that man is a creature that can change.

Advertising runs on the principle of seeing and hearing because it works. When you see and hear those adverts on television and radio, do not think it is free. What you see and hear will enter your heart. When it does, it is almost certain you will buy those products.

The big problem as i see it, is that most people don’t know how to advertise their future to themselves let alone others. If all that you see every day is your today, your today will replicate itself in your tomorrow. Given that most of us in this country are not born into wealthy homes or a developed environment, it will help us to use this principle for leverage. The average person born in this country is more likely to end up poor than rich, because we see and hear poverty every day.

For you to succeed and break the yoke of poverty that surround you today, you must learn to displace poverty and failure from your heart and program yourself for a future that is better than your present.

Remember, whatever you see and whatever you hear over a period of time will enter your heart. And whatever enters your heart will enter your life.