David Moyes make Sir Alex Ferguson a god at Manchester United

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The one time pride of English football, Manchester United has endured embarrassing and miserable season, this 2013/2014 season after Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement. The premier league champions languish at the 7th position outside the top four on the English Premier League table with high possibility of missing out from the champions league game for the first time since 2005. this has left the Old Traford faithfuls gutted and with fillings of resentment – fans of Manchester United are for so long used to the taste of champaign that hardly know what to do with tap water.

Old Traford which was once Manchester United fortress has all of a sudden turned home for all under Moyes watch. Lowly rated teams plays united brimming with confidence to either get a win or a draw. West Bromwich Albion, Stoke City etc. have all enjoyed victory at Old Traford, that is how far the red devil have lost their fear factor under the tutelage of Moyes. Manchester United have exited from all cup competitions, like; Capital one cup competition and the Football challenge Association (FA cup) at the hands of SunderlandFC and Swansea City respectively. The hope of progressing to Europe must prestigious league competition , Champions League is bleak at best after falling at the hands of Olympiakos of Greeks, 2-Nil.

David Moyes managed EvertonFC for 11 years without a trophy, his most notable achievement at the helm of affair at Everton was qualifying them for champions league once, although was eliminated at the group stage. Some have argued that he lacked the proper personnel to take Everton to the next level, but such argument have been flawed since Roberto Martinez assumed the position of manager at Everton FC. Though he managed to maintained a 6th – 7th position on the table?!

Moyes career from Preston to Everton shows that the man prefers defensive approach to the game than attacking football which explains why a club like Manchester United have scored a total of 43-goals in 27 games, surprisingly and quite in contrast to the man who rates defending above every other, has conceded 31 in the process. Manchester United incumbent manager’s actions and inactions have portrayed Ferguson a god of the arena –or this could be the 72 years old idea in the first place to ridicule Moyes and prove his dominance and superiority in the game at Manchester United.

Ferguson’s last decade in charge of Manchester United suggest that the legendary manager have played with below average players, some also attributes it to lack of adequate midfield player and 2012/2013 season was no different. The same team Moyes inherited with little addition at the middle of the pack from his predecessor won the league with 11 point ahead of their closest rival, Manchester City. Scoring 86 goals in the process, playing attacking football to the delight of everyone. This means that Moyes is either a mediocre manager, who is not up for the job at Old Traford. Considering the massiveness of the club and the pressure to always be at the top and compete for honors at every point. Moyes is not the man to lead United, Manchester United shadow is so vast and Moyes will be consumed by it of course if the sermon of next season get accustomed to Manchester United board.