Dear @DOlusegun, what were you thinking when you honoured a “Show Off Date” with @adeyanjudeji? Yours regretfully, @MickeySunny

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Dear Segun,

I need not have written you this letter, but am compelled to because your several tweets after last Friday night debacle, show that you feel you were right about what you did.

You were here last year- 2015, when Governor Fashola`s name was smeared with all sorts of allegation on corruption, mismanagement and breach of office while as executive governor of Lagos State. Those that started it, did it with the intention to rubbish him and bring him down. Intelligent and mature as the former governor of Lagos state is, kept mute for a long while and refused to comment on the allegations. When he finally decided to respond to them, he replied them with his own version of George Bernard Shaw`s quote: “when you wrestle with a pig, the pig gets happy and you get dirty.”

George Bernard Shaw: “Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.”

I have not met you one on one, neither have I met Deji Adeyanju. But following your conversation on twitter, you earned my respect until last Friday night when you honoured a show off date- (wouldn`t like to call it a fight date) that was intended to be chaotic with Deji.

Perhaps, like many have argued, the perception people create for themselves on social media, on so many occasions is usually different from their real person. Who knows, you may have wrongly earned my respect and that of a few people that knew you through the social media.

I won’t waste my time going to the genesis of the struggle, but the truth is you shouldn`t have showed up for the show off date fixed by Deji at sofa lounge, Abuja. Showing up was never a sign of manhood or “big-manism” never was it an act of fearlessness or maturity. It was a sign of stupidity! You saying that you showed up because you can never be intimidated was a really silly excuse.

According to you, you tweeted: “I have no reason to hide from anyone. People like Deji thrive on violence and enjoy people being afraid of them but not me.” You see, it is not about people being afraid of Deji; it is about people being wise and mature. Of what good does he benefit a man, showing up for a show off date with a man he accused of thriving on violence? You claim Deji is a violent man but you honoured a Friday night Show Off date with him, what are you?

You know he thrives on violence, yet he challenged you to a fight date and you showed up. Segun what were you thinking that made you showed up? What did you think you were doing- forming James Bond, Commando, or Bruce Lee?

As advanced as the world is, strong men and powerful people no longer settle scores in the boxing ring or in the wresting ring. They do that in the court of law.

You also tweeted: “I went to the lounge with no intention to fight anyone or constitute nuisance. Decided to go to clear Deji’s doubts that I do not fear him.” I do not know how on earth you intended to achieve that after claiming same person thrives on violence!

You see Segun, you really need to keep the excuses about why you kept a date with same man you claim you know thrive on violence- Like I said earlier, I don’t want to call it a fight date because it irritates.

Accept the truth, you acted immaturely, embarrassed yourself and ridiculed the political party that we hold in high esteem. In the first place, you shouldn`t have allowed it degenerate to such level of him calling you out for a show of shame. Self Restraints- in the words of @jag_bros.

You know what Segun, we all make mistakes, sometimes knowingly and at times unknowingly. You have made this, be sober, apologise to yourself, apologize to your friends and those that hold you in high esteem, do not also forget your political party too which you represent. Some parties have nothing to lose in an incident like that because they lack reputation but your party does.

I really do hope you read and see this letter in the spirit of friendship in which I write it to you and not otherwise.

Fact is, it may pain you to admit it, but great men know when they are wrong and do the needful as required even if it is difficult to do- apologise.

In many ways, I think you are a great man.

But on this, you’re badly wrong.

Best regards,

Ogundana Michael Rotimi. A Nigerian Biochemist, Socio-economic & Political Commentator, and Public Speaker. He tweets @MickeySunny.