Democracy, Merely An Idea For African Leaders.

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Democracy, Merely An Idea For African Leaders

When a new age was dawn in the world, when many nations of the earth took up an experimental theory from the West, a theory called democracy, they knew that they were ready to accept change. For most African nations including the arab nations, it sounded funny, it felt funny. They never understood the principles nor the teachings of democracy, the leaders liked the “idea” as they often referred to it, but the people wanted the “idea” to be their reality.

Today after so many years, the continent of Africa keep falling behind in all standard of development, technological or otherwise. The leaders of African nations only think of their own personal achievements, their own goals and their own survival. None cares about the nation, the people that they lead, to them, they don’t matter. As it stands today in Africa, nothing is done with the consideration of nation building, citizen development or economic stability in mind. It’s all about POWER and who’s holding it. These people, these leaders in Africa, think and believe democracy is a street fight where the winner takes it all. They forgot the real and only true definition of democracy: A government of the people, by the people and for the people.

We must percevier as one nation, binded by our voice and a singularity of purpose, or we must perish, clinged onto our own self interest. And until African leaders quit seeing democracy as a mere idea, African nations stand the risk of losing contact with development.