Demoralizing conspiracy; The Northern governors may again be confuse!

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It is surprising and disappointing that anytime the Northern governors open up their mouth to talk, the wrong and unpopular things fly out. It has thus made me to wonder if they are purposely doing it to attract attention or they are totally confused as to what plan of action to put in place as regard security.

Couple of months back they came up with a request for a Northern ministry of there own. A request which made many Nigerians question the national unity by asking whether or not we still operate under the umbrella of one Nigeria. During the round up review of the Nigerian Constitution, they came up with yet another one, requesting that the long settled Onshore/Offshore Dichotomy Act be reviewed and amended. Today, they are calling for a stoppage of mobile network operations in Nigeria in order to flush out Boko Haram insurgents.

Stopping mobile network operation even for a day could be very disastrous not just to the economy of the country but also that of the people, as well as socially and otherwise. The human world today circles perfectly due to communication, why halt that circle?
The questions that the Northern governors have overlooked is, what will those people in charge of mobile network operations be doing while the halt last? What will individuals who make there livelihood through its existence be doing while the suggested operation is in motion? How about other medium of communications like the social networks, couldn’t the Boko Haram members turn to it, or will it be stopped as well for the time being? Don’t they think that those other medium of communications is applicable to the Boko Haram insurgents?

I know quite a number of intelligent and internationally recommendable Northern leaders, some who have done notably in there various representations. They should not just sit there and allow these individuals say things that are likely to cause more problem instead of proffering solutions. If they do, it will tarnish there image together with theres before the Nigerian people as well as international community.

People make bad mistakes, and in order to make it right they make it even more worst. But just maybe if given a second chance, they might use it right.