Disconnecting From Our Reality -By Dominic Ezih

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I decided to take a walk round my street to feel the warmth and comfort of Mother Nature since it has been a while. But to my greatest surprise, I was marveled at the findings I discovered. I realized that the school owned by the government in my neighborhood had lots of the student outside the school environment chatting and laughing. There were so many of them outside and I said to myself, is it that government student now pay school fees. In order to clear my assumption, I decided to interrogate some of the student. To one of them I asked, why are you guys outside instead of being inside the classrooms receiving lectures. The student told me they just felt like staying outside. Another told me that even if they are inside they will not be taught well and it is better for them all to stay outside and gist about trending issues. As I was going, something caught my attention I discovered that some of these students were busy smoking various hard drugs and some were busy taking strong alcoholic drinks. The young girls there were with the boy friends who might be planning on the next sexual journey to indulge in, to mention but a few. I could not but weep and pity for the great havoc we are pushing ourselves to.

We are sitting on a keg of gun powder in this nation of ours which will be ignited soon by these young minds who are preparing to go get their matches to light this gun powder. I am certain that this experience I had, some persons have experienced it. These young ones we think are not causing any harm now, will one day bring us to a halt in our nation. We are gradually losing it and we have turns blind eyes to these critical issue. Among those students siting outside, are potential criminals, rapists, assassins, terrorists etc. who are waiting to be brought out from there potency into actuality. The wealthy within that vicinity are feeling like it is not my child and it is not my headache. My children are in better schools and after that, I will send them to a better university. But, I laugh at this thinking some of us harbor within.  We think these young men and women will not come after us one day. Anybody with this mentality is just disconnecting him or herself from the reality. The reality is that these young men will one day come after us and threaten our lives. They will one day hunt our cars, steal and destroy our business. They will hold us to ransom and we will leave our beautiful houses and run for safety. We will hide our big cars and run with our toes for safety. If we think we will be safe, ask those in Ikorodu what they are experiencing under the hands of the badoo group, ask those whose houses had been destroyed and they are living in the internally displaced persons camp. There was a time rumour spread that the third main land bridge will be bombed and most users of that bridge were terrified. We forget that those people will term useless, are now useful for those who want to perpetuate evil. No matter your status, when breeze blow fowl nyash go open.  In our society, the crave for human parts is now in the increase, the high rate of assassination of families is at the increase and other deviant acts that are in the increase and who are the causes of all these, it is some of these people we have neglected. What makes to me laugh the more is only these little happenings people are now panicking. Parents are now giving their children time to get home, because of the happenings in the society. Why is all these things happening, it is as a result of these young minds we have neglected. We have neglected their educational needs. We think we have built the best fences in our houses, hence, we are safe. But we do not know that they will tear down our fences and come after us. In Sweden you will be jailed if you take your children out of school from at least sixteen years upwards, but in the society we find ourselves, these young minds have begun to fend for themselves be it from any means either it is legitimate or illegitimate

What should we do? We all need to rise and speak up to these young ones and urge them to go to school. We should not just urge them to go to school; we should ensure that they find themselves in the right educational environment by agitating peacefully for them. We should say no to the negligence of these young minds. We should make efforts to stop them from engaging in the smoking of hard drugs and other acts that will lead them down the wrong path. It is our collective responsibility to all these people and if we can become the erasers who will erase the wrong in the educational and other sectors of our society, the better. Also, we will be curbing these potential hoodlums from becoming hoodlums in actuality. Therefore, we need to connect back to our reality that steers us in the face, because if we do not we will become the case of there was a city.

Dominic Ezih, [email protected]