Discover the elements of entrepreneurship in you

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Discover the elements of entrepreneurship in you
In a world that is down by economic recession and highly characterised by lesser job creation and job insecurity coupled with the fragile economic environment that businesses are forced to operate in and with the level of unhealthy competition standing in the way of proper growth and development. These factors points to the fact that companies will seek caution towards downsizing than considering hiring additional hands.

The world economy today is currently living off the MSMEs and it has proven overtime that it is one sector that will never saturate. The Small and Medium scales enterprises has helped the world maintain some degree of comfort even in the presence of shock, but like wired fire it still require more hands to stabilize the economy and make the world a better place once again.

The norm in societies is that which shows 56 per cent of individuals embark on the journey of entrepreneurship as a last resort towards surviving from the shackles of poverty – notwithstanding, that the act require high level of innovation and creativity because the only way to survive the internal and external business environment is to invent and continual reinventing. There are different kind of entrepreneurs in the world today: those who are gainfully employed but operate their business by the side, in some quarters, they are considered the wisest while, there are those who quit their job to become full-time entrepreneurs and finally, those who are not ready to bear any form of risk and are perpetual dependant on employers.

However, the idea behind working for an employer and operating a personal business by the side gives the employee the vantage to continuously finance the business with his salary until is the business is capable to operate as a standalone which will see it through the vagaries of business troubles, but the other side of this categories of entrepreneurs are those who seek to retire before starting up something for themselves.

Advice: retirement and pension does not cut it in todays world, nations has made retirees live in misery after years of commitment to work. You have to believe in your ability to create something for yourself and apply the many years of experience in running your own venture. It is wise not to wait for eventualities [retirement, downsizing and outright sack] to force you into being an entrepreneur. The journey of entrepreneurship is filled with thorns but the satisfaction that comes with the discovery of elements of success is fulfilling.

Start up that business today and watch carefully as it grows and you will never regret you embarked on the journey of revolution.