Don’t Leave It Idle -by Samuel Ufot Ekekere

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“Don’t leave it idle….” The scientific laureate credited with this statement, the relativity theory and a host of other creations in the wake of his theory was just another man. While some had thought he was a phenomenon, he declared his mortality in his ability to create from his well of resource, his talents. This man is Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein was no scientist or acute philosopher as his contemporaries were but he discovered he had a rare gift right inside him. The ability to think was a special talent and he used it to get acclaim and fame.

Like Albert, inside everyone is a talent or skill. It carries a natural impulse, an ease that reveals itself in our relationship with nature. It’s a distinct attribute that is often overlooked but which has the capacity to pedestal us into uncommon heights. Often these talents lie there latent waiting to be triggered. Its like a massive gun with magazines of bullets. The gun may be catastrophic, capable of doing harm but it doesn’t until the trigger is pressed. The gun may have capacity, but its capacity has to be acknowledged and applied for it to be effective.

Our talent is developed from our relationship with our immediate environment. We discover this capacity as we deal with our society and interact naturally with it. While our society supports forced focused learning process where the sources of inspiration for the achievement of academic goals is money that will come at the end of the study, talent has being placed on the sideline, sometimes crushed and made worthless. In the face of this battle that has engulfed the human race; more and more people are discovering and rediscovering the potent capacity in what they have inside them, their talent. The development of talent is often painted in a dark light because of the seeming importance of the conventional academic system. However, those who have dared to find use for their talent often have good words to share at the end of their travail. The debar at developing talent is often the uncertainty about the capacity of the talent to get results and the fear that our talents can’t give what the conventional academic system supplies, that assurance. However, those who have gone ahead to apply their talent often evoke sweet tales of affluence and importance that the average brilliant academic scholar strives to get. It doesn’t come on a platter though. It requires some hard work but a joyful one. While the man who pursues talent may seem odd at first, his pursuit to achieve pays off in the sudden growth and influence that erupts from almost nothing but what is inside him.

While our academic system may assure a future based on the ability to have certificates and get favors from CEOs who often have developed talent, a man who discovers his talents only has himself to challenge, i.e. his fears. Once he is able to outdo his fears, what he gets is a stream of possibilities.

Who are the famous persons on earth? Who are the richest persons on earth? They are not academic gurus, professors, laureates or researchers. No. they are men who discovered they had more in them than their academic certificates could offer. They are business people, musicians, sports men, religious men etc. Some of them were even considered unfit for the academic world. However, talent doesn’t care about what and how people think about us. All it cares about is getting people to see us in a brilliant light. The man who discovers his talent is often looked upon in awe by even the smartest and educated of men. They get crowds paying to watch them, earn much for little work, sign autographs, write books and influence people, a feat even the finest of professors find phenomenal.

The finest of professors may not be opportune to speak to a crowd greater than five thousand over their life time, but a pastor gets that in one service and if he runs a crusade, he could have times twenty that number in one night. The musician gets a crowd of over one hundred thousand in one show, a writer may have over a million book sales, an actor’s movie may get over a hundred million views, a poet may have the world sharing his poems, the dancer may have the world dancing to his style of dance, a singer may have the continent singing to his song, the sportsman often plays before a large crowd. It seems certain that talent seems to be a key that opens fame and renown. It isn’t that the academic system where certificates and academic laurels are pursued in rapid speed is wrong in the whole sense. Its fine, but those who often get more from life find a way around their talent; I mean those who really want to be happy. Discover your talent; you could be the next superstar.

Samuel Ufot Ekekere writes from Uyo, Nigeria. He is a teacher, motivator, writer cum author. He writes inspiring writs on personal development for all categories of persons. He believes everyone needs motivation. connect on twitter @inyang21 and, +2347062809301