Dr Doyin Okupe, a hypocritic and an apology to the nation.

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When Dr. Doyin Okupe, Senior Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on Public Affairs, appeared on Focus Nigeria program this morning, i knew he would be extravagant with words but i never thought he would be careless with it. He was visibly angry and outwardly insulting Nigerians for their candid opinions and assessment of the country at 52, as well as their analysis of the President’s independence day speech. Okupe has no right whatsoever to call Nigerians stupid or ungrateful set of people, he has no justification to call Nigerians sick or people blinded by poverty. The ordinary Nigerians have given a lot to Nigeria, they have endured too long and never revolted despite the glaring injustices. They have done a lot in keeping to this nation’s founding principles and pledge, hoping that some day things will get better. They have sacrificed more than any government official you can think of today, Dr Okupe inclusive. So why will he insult and call unprintable names to the already over-enduring masses?

If Nigerians will permit me, i will like to return back the favour to Dr. Okupe. I feel its stupid and insane for him to call Nigerians unhealthy names when he knows nothing of their pains and plight. When he involuntarily confirmed to listening audience that he takes his breakfast daily at Transcorp Hilton Hotel. I want to believe that its only a fool that will compare President Jonathan’s Independent Day Speech to any of President Barack Obama’s. I am not here to analyze Mr President’s speech, but it was headed to a rockside right from when it came out of the bag. Everyone saw that, and it shamed me.

One thing i don’t understand was why President Jonathan appointed Okupe as his Senior Special Assistant when it was clear that he’s corrupt and has record of violence. I wonder if it’s because of the way he attacked Obasanjo’s critics when he served as his Special Adviser. While on the job as Obasanjo’s SA, Okupe took on many prominent Nigerians who criticized Obasanjo and his policies. He attacked those who dared to cross Obasanjo’s path, giving them a measure of his sharp and insulting tongue. Today Obasanjo is no longer in Asorock, Okupe repositioned his tongue towards his former boss. Recently calling him (Obasanjo) an ordinary citizen for refusing to support the CBN’s N5000 note.

In 2004 and 2005, contracts were awarded to company of which Dr Okupe has substantial interest and served as chairman(it was rumoured that he owned the company). He obtained Rural Rroad Construction contracts from Benue and Imo States Governments. Messrs Value Trust Investments Ltd was the name of the company. The contract sum for that of Benue State alone was N2.303 billion, for the construction of 230km of rural roads across the state(Benue State). After collecting N886.8 million as mobilization fee, he bolted and abandoned the project. This is the personality that is advising Mr President on public matters. This is the character that came up on national television with a sanctimonious smile to accuse Nigerians of not being grateful. Grateful for what if i may ask Okupe? For having their future stolen from them right under their noses? Or for having millions of graduate roaming the streets unemployed while he takes breakfast in Transcorp? Or is it for having the same Nigerians he called stupid and poor die daily through road accidents, the same road he took money to fix but never did? History will not only pronounce anathema to Dr Okupe’s name but judge his existence and pains he cause to his fellow being.

Dr Doyin Okupe is an apology to Nigeria and doesn’t deserve anyone’s respect.