DSS Boss Firing: Use Divisive Honesty And Dishonesty To Disarm Your Victim -By Anthony Edohen

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AgP. Osinbajo addressing the recently fired DG DSS, Lawal Daura.


For too long the executive branch has been a victim and a punching bag in the fight between the NASS and the Executive branch but someone has the studying and mastered LAW 12.   For this move to work according to the book one must build a reputation for honesty based on a series of acts, and the AgP has been doing that since he came in 2015. It worked!

On Tuesday afternoon 1:49pm Laolu Akande tweeted “AgP Yemi Osinbajo has directed the termination of the appointment of the DG of the DSS, Mr. Lawal Musa Daura”.  I was shocked, happy, excited, and then reality set in! Our VP has been studying 48 laws of power, well that’s my opinion.

For every Nigerian that has been observing the ongoing battle between the NASS, APC, PDP and the executive, we can all conclude this is a chess game and one game which no one wants to loose and we seeing each player make moves after moves and for some reason this has to be the best played move of this battle why? Well the move came from the most unlikely source The AgP Yemi Osinbajo

First of all, the AgP has done one thing right he has taking the moral ground from his enemies, before this firing the Senate president planned a “World Press conference” tomorrow Wednesday 8th August 2018 to obviously call out the undemocratic executive branch, play the victim card and also gather sympathy towards the Senate’s cause so Nigerians can call out the recklessness of the executive branch. Well that moral high ground is gone! The Senate has lost it, this has to so deep and now the senate president is now going to fight for his political life and most importantly his relevance in the senate.

In the 16TH century Monarchs, kings and heads of state use very divisive tactics to keep hold of their power and in the game of power play one thing is certain the public needs someone to blame in times of chaos and someone to take the praise. AgP Osinbajo just gave Nigerians whom to blame and In the same breath take credit for “Trying to restore democracy back to the NASS” For too long Nigerians have looked to blame the IGP for killings, the DSS Director for Breakdown of democracy and also APC for mismanaging the Nigerian economy but the deafening silence coming from Aso Rock was so loud Nigerians turned President Buhari to the Public enemy no1  but the AgP did something  he turned that attention to the public enemy from his boss and other public enemies (for now)  to Ex- DSS. Reports have it that in DSS HQ people where rejoicing how magnificent this news is.

Prof Osinbajo may has just confirmed his VP slot for 2019 and reminded the APC leadership and President Buhari why he was there and not just a “Push over” or a “Pastor for prayers only”. Infact this forces the president’s  hands to just go with him. I’m sure his approval ratings would be in the 60th percentile as well as any other member in this administration, he just bought himself a huge political capital.  Nobody is kicking him out of this ticket. He just “Bullied” his way to the table and Re-positioned himself as the “3rd party” candidate Nigerians are hoping for should he decide to run on even an independent ticket right now, most Nigerian prefer him to his boss who many people see as a “Go slow” and  an indecisive leader.

This is a well-played chess move and most likely the best move in this battle after the hijack of the NASS by PDP, Well the new story is this “winter is coming” who would freeze out.