Duped By The Election -By Pelumi Seun Fakinlede

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I sat down to reason the forthcoming election and I saw that we are still going to be duped by this election as we have always been in time past. This is my little assessment of the five most popular contestants of the forthcoming presidential election in Nigeria. It might not go well with some people but read with an open mind.

President Muhammadu Buhari

This is the man Nigerian named Mr Integrity but I don’t see him with any single sign of integrity with my funny reasons. If PMB claims that he has being a farmer after retirement from the military, how come he was so wealthy to send three children aboard to study even if his farmer gives Nigeria her entire revenue. Every election year, Buhari keep declaring 150 cattle and I will want to ask if his cattle don’t reproduce because even if he sells them, at least there should be a little increment. I remembered in 2015, on Tell magazine, London Economist sent a warning concerning him that he is known for an economic downturn and he hasn’t proved otherwise even though he blames the 16 years of PDP and he surrounds himself with looters from the oppression now saints.

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar

The former Turaki of Adamawa, this man is another scam. If it is how Atiku has become rich after his service at the Nigerian Custom Service then all Ex Custom officers should be swimming in wealth as he does. He had chains of business yet one cannot trace the real source of his wealth and he claims he has the knowledge of the suffering of Nigerians. He is another deception running for the presidency

Fela Durotoye

This man has influenced many youths in the South Western region of Nigeria through his Eden organization but I want to tell people that Fela don’t know how it is to suffer as a Nigerian. He is the son of two University Dons and after his first degree education, Fela went abroad to have Masters degree, how many Nigerians can afford to go I outside the country to have education. Ask Fela, if he had a taste of joblessness and unemployment. So this Broz don’t know the pains in our shoe.

Kingsley Moghalu

This man has a knowledge and the skill, infact I am thrilled by his knowledge of economics. Kingsley is a Professor, a lawyer who worked for United Nations. Please let’s be truthful to ourselves, I have seen different persons who are trained in international relations and international law yet they are not opportune like this young man. Kingsley was once a deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria that means Kingsley had had his goodies of the past Nigerian administrations. I as a person have tried to get a job with the UN and some of its agencies but it is as hard as a rock. So this man don’t know how it is to be at the bottom of the social ladder in Nigeria

Omoyeni Sowore

This is the most vibrant young presidential candidate. Omoyeni Sowore is a university don too but how did this young man come to limelight in Nigeria politics. Sowore use to be a media weapon for Nigerian politicians. He was known with the late Chief Moshood Kasimawo Olawale Abiola who had interest in being Nigerian president. Yeni went abroad to study and I tell you to check how easy it is to travel to the United States for an additional degree even if he got a scholarship, you must have mouth to be awarded scholarship in this failed state of ours. Sowore played a good role in bring APC to power in 2015. Like my buddy Omotoye Odunayo said, sowore is a diversion and distraction of those who rule this country to the electorates. I believe Yeni don’t know how it is to write Federal ministry of education scholarship exams and you have not heard anything for three years.

These guys are not the solution to our problem as the masses in Nigeria. Barack Obama was the solution to the blacks issues in America. None of these guys have the taste of being in the bottom ladder of the Nigerian social class and how will they provide solutions for what they have not experienced.

Dear Nigerians, we have not gotten the right set of persons to lead us, infact in this election, we will still be duped of our vote like before.

I know you will to ask me who then should you vote for? I will say vote your conscience.
I rest my case

You can read more on my thoughts @ blqknation.wordpress.com

‘Pelumi Fakinlede

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