Edmund Ebiwere: Accessory is Greater Than Device? Give Us Edmund! Take Morro -By Micheal A. Adeniyi

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Edmund Ebiwere struggling with Prison operatives


About seven years ago,  he was thrown into jail for being an accessory to the Abuja stadium Independence Day bombing in 2010, but four years later after his conviction a terror  treason charge against an alleged terror mastermind was thrown out by the same judge and it kept baffling me on why an alleged accessory should not be acquitted? Nigeria remain a wonderland,  why do the big criminals go Scot free?  I am saying “free Edmund Ebiwere” and Jail “Abba Morro”, hope you guys remember the Morro recruitment stadium massacre, I have no other soothing word than massacre. The law did not even recognise whistleblowers then and we all know,  the blow of a whistle is an automatic call to death at that time when even tip off meeting and attack strategy on Boko Haram location held in Aso villa, a high classified secret went straight in the speed of a bullet into the BH camp,  years later the so called law enforcer were exposed.  Edmund was left with no choice at that time, no one to turn to,  no one to trust,  nobody to report to.  Edmund was charge as an accessory to a crime, Edmund never used weapon on any man, he never participated in the bombing. If the government had funded the military so well, they would have stopped that 1st of October 2010 bombing, not to talk of the intelligence agency, that one is stinged by covert of looted dollars, It’s just a dollar storing agency.

While the UK and other countries are jailing pepertrators of terror attacks, our own nation is only jailing accessory to terror attack,  a crime of treason as it is called, he bagged a life sentence under the same Judiciary which fred the “device” (the planner and executor of terrors) 4 years later . Once again,  I don’t understand why you would subject a man to life imprisonment and free a Boko Haram member who asked for forgiveness, I even knew  BH commanders which were sentenced to death were set free in exchange for the chibok girls,  double standard at its peak!  What is Ebiwere still doing in prison?

while delivering it’s judgement,  the judge handling his case said “Section 40b of the Criminal Code Act provides that any person who become an accessory to treason or become aware of  the commission of treason and did not give evidence to the President, a state Governor or a peace officer, in order to prevent the commission of the crime, is liable to treason and sentence to life. I concluded that the accused person is adjudged guilty as charged, being aware early in September 2010, that henry Okah was planning a bomb attack but did not give such information to any of the persons or authority listed in section 40b of the Criminal Code Act”. I Justice Kolawale found the accused person guilty of all three count charge relating to the accused which border on whether he was in contact with Henry Okah, whether he had prior knowledge of the attack and whether he reported the threat to the listed authorities contained in section 40b of the CCA.”

The same Henry Okah who committed the crime was sentence to 50 years by a South African court,  that’s whatsup!  Okah killed 12 people in that bomb incidence,  but can we pardon Edmund Ebiwere? Yes! Let him go and sin no more,  let him free to enjoy the new dawn of whisleblowing!  this is NIGERIA.

Note: I am not writing to defend treason,  I am only pointing out why Edmund should be pardoned. Please free Edmund.