ÈMÓTÀN -By Joshua Bamidele

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In the drench of the rain
In the cold of the day
For warmth the body begs
Weather for two I find myself

To keep this cold host warm
For your company the body begs
A natural cardigan for warming
With you to spend this moment

Your thoughts have taken a firm grip of me
Your love intoxicates me
With you to spend every moment
In your arms to find succour

Being filled with wine
My body lose control
Being filled with your love
My mind is yours to direct

Your wish is my command
At your worship in love
Your body to honor
And in this you stole my heart

Your love saturates my heart
Your affections consume me
Dying for you to live with you
A purpose driven life to have

To you I pledge my love
The best moment of the fading day
A moment to look back at
A choice to be happy was made

And with you to spend this while
A fortress in raining times
Body regulation behind closed doors
Together we can