Enough of it already!

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Deceit, lies and sabotage are what this lines of leaders in our goverment has fed us with all through the existence of Nigeria. I mean look at it, virtually all the people who have ruled this country in the past are still the very same people ruling it today, the same people making decisions and designing partnerns for which Nigeria must follow. I can’t say or claim to understand what or how you feel about it but i think its aweful and not responsible on their part. It comes to a time in life when a parent(s) will have to let their kids grow and take charge, i say the time is now.

If all of these money-cautious political leaders thinks the advancement rate of Nigeria is speedy, well let them think again because, this is the 21st century where development in every areas of life travel at a light speed. Been blessed with abundant human and natural resources is not enough to transform the nation by itself, there must be drivers to nudge and have it tilt towards the required target direction for better maximization.
Leaders of small sized nations work tirelessly day and night just to see that they meet up with the changing world. To see that Information Technology and Communication is maximized to the benefit of the citizenry. Same goes for leaders of big sized nations with vision and mission. The question is, why won’t those in Nigeria do the same?

Today all they care about is the 2015 general election, something most of them don’t even know whether or not they are going to be alive for such a day. Instead of preparing for something you are not sure, while not prepare for the one you are sure of today?
A vast majority of them say that we are too young to lead, that we are not yet cut out for such responsibility and that we cannot better manage this country as they do, but you know what my response is? Yes, we can! And we will soon enough.

The actions and inactions of these leaders is a travesty of international proportion and they are jeopardizing the people’s role as good will ambassador and its time they put an end to this whole retrogressional attitude.