Ethiopians mistakes of HATE must be corrected.

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We are all allowed to be passionate about what we love, what we hold dear to our hearts. But even passion has its limits as do ambitions. Ethiopia suffered a defeat in the hands of the Super Eagles of Nigeria, a defeat which many including myself, saw as a devine gift from the gods themselves. However, for Ethiopia to take the game farther out of the pitch, its something that is unwelcomed by Nigerians.

Why the HATE if i may ask, was it not SPORT, a thing of FUN? If you recall, on arrival of Super Eagles, a cockroaches infested bus was given to them as a means of transportation but the Eagles too it in its stride. When it was time for training, the police team attached to them delibrately took routes that are traffic-jammed, yet the team refused to be intimidated. The host were not done with their antics to claim victory, as all manner of soft drink bottles were hauled at Nigerian players and supporters on match day, only to intimidate visitors to succumb.
It did not end there, when the Nigerian team was returning to its Saro Maria hotel abode after the game, hundreds of Ethiopian fans laid ambush and started hauling stones at the team’s bus. One of the heavy stones shattered the rear windscreens of the bus, sending all inside the bus scampering for safety. Nosa Igiebor was the unlucky one as the stone slashed his right palm leading to profused bleeding that was immediately attended to by team doctor.

One thing i trust everyone to know is that in any game of two, only one is projected as VICTOR. My concern right now is why will the other not go past a congratulatory message? Why will Ethiopian fans forget that they still have one more leg to go? Perhaps they believe that joy must be delayed in favour of sorrow. Whatever they have done, i bet they know little and act in accordance to the size of their brains. Nigerians will show them better hospitality and hope that they learn from it for future usage and application.

Football should be a uniting game not one that sets demarcations and hatred. We hope that every other country fans that has such intentions, the intention of harassments, intimidations and war, is far removed from it henceforth, for we are to cheer and not to weep!