Europe, Atheism, Africa: Daddy Freeze, the Brain Bulldozer -By Nneka Okumazie

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If you have never believed anything you cannot fully explain, or anything that you don’t totally understand, or anything you do not know much about, then you are not brainwashed.

Brainwashing is the common word for those who attack the Christian Faith, thinking Christians are fools, but they are wise.

Some of them are atheists, some agnostics, some are of other faiths, or some are of other denominations in the Christian Faith.

Some of the world’s star scientists often say there are known unknowns and unknown unknowns in their work, but when it comes to the Christian Faith, they question and conclude, because they are biased and their atheism or atheism in general is a sham.

There are global celebrities, with massive addiction issues, horrible behavioral problems and unstable relationships, who are often quick to dismiss the Christian Faith, but have their own personal lives of horror, that if they came to Jesus, He would have saved them.

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Everybody chooses what to believe or trust and can set different criteria for it. But believing differently does not automatically translate to dumbness.


The Nave of Lincoln Cathedral


There are some actions and addictions that some people do, that others will be wondering how come? Etc. But many of them rejected Salvation, or did things as rebellion against the Lord.

If giving in a true Church is a scam, then every other social spending that is not savings, or investment, or ownership is a scam.

There are lots of faulty judgments in arguments against Christianity. True Churches are for true Faith, true Hope, and Worship – in Spirit and in Truth.

The fear of the Lord GOD goes beyond law-abiding citizenship, or beyond morals, but it is a set of standards, for adherence in conformity to Christ.

There are several kinds of common problems that being a Christian helps people avoid. Those things seen as what you can’t enjoy if being a Christian are those that are mostly short term pleasure.

African Religion and the Bulldozer of Brains

Africa is flush with religions but true Christianity is the envy of all. There are those who have joined in order to corrode it so it helps haters point finger at all, but those ones are fake.

There are also those who have taken on Christianity thinking it is some problem for the continent, but are wrong and cannot find anything to anchor their hatred on.

No one is yet to say anything that Christianity has blocked regarding development. The massive rural poverty and despair that makes some take on perilous journeys across the sea has no connection to the Christian Faith.

Election violence and power tussle are not also on the Christian Faith. Several kinds of serious work to submit paths to solutions from universities, think tanks, consulting, etc. are often missing, and it is not the fault of the Church.

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Several kinds of people are quick to call themselves thinkers, but are nothing close because they only have public thinking, not quality thinking, and worthless thinking or high-value ones.

There is nothing to be angry at for true Churches. Whatever goes on there is voluntary, personal, changeable and a social activity.

There is nothing binding on it. There is no force coming or leaving. The campaigners against Churches are bulldozers of brains telling people untruths about the role of Church in society, to make them accede and feel the Church is harmful.

NO! The Church isn’t.

Christianity is not the problem of underdevelopment of Africa. Churches don’t control what people earn, or spend, or generation and distribution of electricity.