Event of March 16 And The Broken Promise Of The Government.

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The continuous attack from members of the dreaded Islamic sect known as Boko Haram, has made us all to forget, to turn away our gaze and forget the tragic event of March 16th, 2014, the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment test that went south. A tragedy born out of incompetence, recklessness and lackadaisical attitude of a Minister. A tragedy that blew wide open, the gate of the Abuja National Stadium. Tens of job applicants died, thousands injured, yet nobody, not even the man in the center of it all, Abba Moro, was held accountable.

Aside wanting to refresh your minds on the happening of that day, my biggest goal is to ask why the government till date, has not been able to fullfil their promise. The promise they made to the families of the deceased applicants as well as those injured and were receiving treatment at the Abuja National Hospital. Recently, i received an information that the government has not paid the hospital bills of the injured victims of the March 16th tragedy. I’m sure you are wondering and asking what kind of government we have…a government that says and forget? Or perhaps, a government that don’t care whether or not its people live.

Spokesperson for the Nigerian Immigration Service said that the processes involved in getting someone into the NIS is quite a complex one and not an immediate thing as Mr President suggests. This, i find very difficult to believe, in fact, i find very hard to process. What has really brought about the failed government of President Jonathan is nothing short of his way of handling top national issues, issues that concerns the people. Government officials commit heinous crimes and get away with it, not even a questioning.

For us to have a better Nigeria, for corruption and impunity to crawl its way out of our land, the government have MUST make its word her bond. And i suggest that they begin it with the outright sack of the minister of interior, Abba Moro.