Facebook, becoming a pornographic social networking site.

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The issues in most countries today, from Nigeria down to Canada, is the unsolicited pornographic movies and pictures often been displayed on walls and timelines of some facebook users. As a matter of fact, a distanced experience I streamed last week concerning this issue was disturbing. A wife was accusing her husband of infidelity on the grounds that most of the contents on her husbands facebook page is filled with pornographic video clips and pictures, with comments from their friends as to what kind of husband is she married to? Now the thing is, the man said he has never for once, since they got married, watched or tamper with such corruptible content in closed doors let alone on facebook of all places. It cost me my precious 45 minutes to explain to this woman, that her husband may be telling the truth based on my knowledge of the Internet and the social networking website in question.

It is much more easier for you to conclude and call someone a pervert or a pornstar if every now and then you see pornographic video clips or pictures been displayed on their walls on social network accounts. This has suddenly become the trend on, facebook. Just yesterday I dropped by the addictive network to say “hello” to some friends, the first thing my eyes saw immediately my account opened up was a dangerously looking pornographic video clip tagged on one of my facebook friend’s timeline with various comments from people, stating their disappointment that the guy could put such a thing on his page. Some of them, mostly the ladies, were raining insults on him and asking him to remove the video from his wall if they must continue to be friends.

I was forced once again to intervene, I dropped just one line of statement that read “has it occurred to you that he never made that post?”

The question that rushed to my mind after that line was, how many people will you do this for and for how long are you to continue doing this? The thing is, I am not sure if facebook is improving or not. In terms of income generation of course they are improving, afterall there ad rate on mobile platform just last week climbed to 42.6%. The area of improvement I am referring to here is in the usability and satisfaction, just as it used to be when it first came out. When you look at facebook today, all manner of people are on it and as if that wasn’t enough, facebook allow all manner of content to pile on it with no control whatsoever. Yes it’s a good thing people have right to do what they want to do on their account, but it becomes a “no right” when what I do affects the other person.

There are people whose facebook account was created specifically for the carriage of pornographic content. They click their way through to making and signing up many friends as they can with a certain tweek to their account so that whenever a post is made from them, be it images or videos, it goes viral to the timelines of those hundreds of friends they have. Facebook is creating more problem today than it solves, if they don’t find a way to control some of this prohibited contents, they might lose more than they have gain in the nearest future.