Facebook is not to be blamed for her death!

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For years people sat and waited for the coming of social media networks, hoping that the world will be redefined by its coming, and sure it was and still is. The birth of social networking sites has indirectly brought together “human to humans”, and “humans to world”. People communicate more today than they do decades ago. Friends are made easily just by clicking together of the finger to the buttons of your device. The creators of social networking sites makes money from it, some of the wise users of social networking sites makes money from it, while the naive users get killed through it.

Cynthia Osokogu, a postgraduate student of Nasarawa State University, a clothing retailer and the daughter of retired Major General Frank Osokogu was one of the naive users of one of the worlds largest social networking site, facebook.

Cynthia was murder by her facebook friends last month. She left Abuja to Lagos in late July of 2012(according to report, on the 22 July 2012), her facebook friends (four in number) whom report has it that they paid for her flight fee as well as the hotel fee where she was eventually strangled to death. My objective here is not to go into the details of how she was murdered or how her killers was captured, but to advise on the negative use of a public platform.

Once you attain adulthood, you are responsible for any shot you call. There are however many under-aged individuals who are actively involved in the use of these social networking sites, parents should always know the where about of there children, find out from time to time where they go to and what they do.
Let the death of this 24 year old lady be a wake up call to most of you ladies out there, as well as guys.