Facing Reality. Hearing the whispers and whimpers of the oppressed.

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A giant amid ant was once a country in the west of Africa. The country has a large expanse of land that neighbors who could rob her off the blessed land did with no confrontations from the possessors. That was how big the country was. The country large expanse of land was with flowing milk and honey that she fed her neighbors. Flowing with diverse, unique cultures, more than two major religions, high valleys, fine attractions and graced with good people was the beautiful land. The people worked, farmed, ate, drank and prospered. They would marry and bore many kids, kids that would cultivate their farms, kids instilled with the norms of the society but this giant soon faded away and laid dying.

Good things like my dad will say last a minute; he says this anytime we had to eat garri and fine groundnut or when my siblings and myself is sent back home from school or during Christmas when I had to wear old canvas and put on used clothes washed very clean that it slacked by my loving mother, My dad would say it do not last forever. Then I would play football from dusk to dawn while my mates in school were learning to read and write. In the night my mum would teach me to write, to read. She was a teacher before she was sacked for slapping our headmaster who had hit her buttocks.

The good times in this country was soon coming to an abrupt sharp end. First the gods blessed them with oil, crude oil; the gods that blessed them with oil cursed them with leaders. The gods cursed them with evil despotic corrupt leaders, leaders that were not leading light or trailblazers but spearheads that stabbed many of the good people. The oil the gods blessed them with changed their unguided focus; the oil could have caused light to a dying lamp but rather it flowed into the milk and honey and contaminated it, it polluted the milk and the honey. Agriculture quickly frittered away like a mess vanish into the nostril, the same agriculture that had developed many of the nations that this country neighbored. No sooner than unexpected the unity that existed in this great nation fell apart, there were killings based on ethnicity and religion, the people shrewd hatred towards theft that they would lynch a fellow, a hungry fellow that stole a purse with no money in it, that stole an old tattered purse. And this was all they could do. While the people of this great nation wallowed in penury, abject poverty, suffering, the leaders floundered and stumbled in Extravagance, lavishness and manners that were evil. The gods from above watched silently as the people that murmured were marred.

The people smiled in suffering, they wore beautiful faces and polished shoes on dusty roads, what mattered the most to them was the contaminated milk, the bones that the leaders dogs wouldn’t drink and eat, their concern was on coins and what they would eat that they sold their birthright for their right, they sold it for a bowl of cold rice. The youth was no exception as they shy away like everyone else, they shy from the problem that has ravished them or maybe bewitched them as they worked hard in harsh pitiless conditions, situations that were demeaning and unkind.

No one would bell the cat in this society, no one.

Thieves that were caught in other countries, thieves that were from this nation, fraudulent deceptive thieves that looted their wealth, thieves that shattered their ecstasy were pardoned and again and again the people watched and whispered. Who would heal the deafened falcon that cannot hear the falconer from within? Who would loosen the mad dog? When would the hunters’ dog bite the hunter that kills and eats dogs? Who will bear the messiah? Will the messiah save his owns from this messily rulers?

This was as it was in that country and only the strongest amid them were able to ask this questions even though they knew there was no messiah and only they could champion their destinies but on and on the smart evil genius that were leaders would fill their mouth with sweets, sweets that took voices away, sweets that took zeal away, sweet that they needed, sweets that they were fighting for, sweets that took away the ants in their pants.

Even though it was anyone’s game, evilness and vileness rained this one’s prospering and peaceful land. A segment of the cultured people grew in anger and went ape and the movement though towards innocent worshippers caused the uncaring government to appeal from Philip drunk to Philip sober and this was not because they loved the people, it was rather so as they couldn’t stay in their house or offices, it was so because this mad segment of people pursued them by upsetting the apple of their very eyes.

Yet this restlessness that befell the leaders wasn’t free to the people as the cost was an arm and a leg. The mad movement killed joys out of everyone, killed kids, killed pregnant mothers, students, teachers, they killed many good people and only caused the leaders to be restless. The movement is called mad because their objective is unreliable, irrational and senseless yet the cunning leaders soon swept coins into their tasty mouths, they swept coins into a mouth that devoured the good people of this bereaving nation.

Those that have tasted the coins said it quickly turns to ashes in their mouth. And so was it in this nation that the people toiled days and night for ashes, so was it in this nation that the privileged youth said they cared and still let time slip away by sleeping, chatting on social mediums, watching movies of foreign culture, imbibing alien culture, reading and studying how to solve problem that arises daily and not how to stop the problems, watching European matches, playing football and all sort of games in an atmosphere that one could cut with a knife.

Under the AUSPICES of the OPPRESSED have I some words on good authority, awake from your slumber in this awkward age, this is an axe to grind to babes in the wood. This is the ball at your feet, keep your eye on the ball, and let the ball roll, help to keep it rolling as you go ballistic.

Over the AUSPICES of the OPPRESSED have I some word to say on mismanagers of power, control the consuming evil that comes from the devil, the handsome devil is not a corrupt, selfish and uncaring leader.

The balloon goes up, the followers are going bananas, and you will break your bank if they go with this bang.

Our bite is worse than our bark. The future is here Nigeria beloved.

You and me.



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  1. good one there.

    Yahaya Adamu
    July 29, 2013 at 8:38 am