Fake drugs and its resultant effects on human life and a nation’s economy.

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The reason why animals can not experience significant improvement in their life in the wide, is because they lack the human mentality. In the wide, there is no rule of law, and no law and order, you must always be on alert because violence can occur at any time as a way of life.

In deed all ways and every where, violence and the threat of it is one of the biggest hindrances to economic development. Now violence can happen in many ways and occurs a lot in developing countries. For example, there is a lot of violence amongst tribes in villages as well as cities, violence occurs on the roads with maiming and killing from armed robbery or accidents. Unfortunately, violence also occurs from poor governance and unavoidable death from Malaria, Typhoid, Dysentery and Diarrhoea.

The production of fake drugs is another way in which violence can be inflicted on the people. A report has it that one million people are killed worldwide each year, from fake Tuberculosis and Malaria drugs alone. Today drug rings in Asia, particularly China and India are increasingly churning out fake brand of popular brands and generics, selling them to consumers online or in the black market. PSI estimates that fake versions of about 800 pharmaceutical products were made last year. Counterfeiters are now able to fake drugs so well even experts find it hard to distinguish copies of the real deal, and they are able to replicate these counterfeits only a few days after pharmaceutical companies put these features on the market.

A major problem according to Tom Kubic, CEO and President of PSI is that you can make more money in counterfeit drugs than heroine.
It is good that Nigeria is beginning to acquire the tools to win the war against fake drugs decisively. To be sure on what is needed is massive enlightening on ways for the ordinary person to avoid being a victim, and perpetrators of fake drug violence must face death penalties if we want speedy economic development and higher quality of life, we must end the violence against our ability to raise our level of economic participation.