Federal Road Safety Corps lied, big time.

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Few days ago the Federal Road Safety Corp lied about the flood-occupied Lokoja-Abuja road. They aired a report that claimed an alternative measure for commuters and other road users has been provided as regards the challenged road, but the truth is, no alternative road was or have been provided whatsoever. There are hundreds of cars and houses submerged in the thickly overflown water body, not forgetting the hundreds of thousands of people; men, women, and children displaced from their homes. These averagely comfortable but now homeless people cook for their families by the bush side, close to the water inside which their houses now reside. These set of agonizing group of persons are the people that the Federal Road Safety Corp are joking with there situations.

I understand and maybe have come to accept the unfortunate fact that the formative principles of our government is built on lies, but the question is why lie when people are surfering and dying? Why lie for a place where people can easily get to? I had to spend close to two days because of the same ocean-occupied road that they claim have been fixed with an alternative? That, i will say is cruel.

The report from Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency confirms that the flood may stretch up to a month or more than, and if the lake in Cameroun happens to become uncontrollable, more than a million lives maybe at stake. Now the question is, the already displaced people, what provision is the government making for them as regards shelter? You can’t just send relief material(food) to them, where are they going to be cooking the food brought to them?

More than 73,000 people are already displaced by the flood in Kogi State, other affected States have there figures. Lying is not going to save the day here, the earlier the government swing to work, the safer it will be for the entire nation.