FG And The Chibok Girls Rescue, Another Spin.

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FG And The Chibok Girls Rescue, Another Spin

Right now on the web, one issue trending like wide fire is the recent efforts of the Nigerian government to rescue the 219 abducted schoolgirls from Chibok community, after 6 months + 3 days. According to reports, this new rescue spin is coming directly from the office of the President. It has been confirmed by most of the Presidential aides and some other sources from the Presidency. To many people, those who has had their fingers crossed waiting for the day they will receive the good news of the girls return, this is a joyous news, while to many others like very self, doubt the trueness of this news.

This isn’t the first time the government is coming up with this type of media spin. It has been done many times before now and one will not be surprised if this is yet another spin to control the minds of Nigerians to deceive them that they are doing everything within their power to have the girls rescued. The public report said that the Boko Haram members have accepted a ceasefire and are very much willing to negotiate and have the girls returned. As much as i want this girls to be returned like yesterday, i doubt this report from the government and still consider it to be another spin that will soon enough fall apart as the ones before it.

A major part of this move by the government is borne out of the protest march carried out by the Bring Back Our Girls Advocacy Group on the DAY 183 (6 months) at the Presidential Villa. A march which gained a wide international coverage, with its replica done in the United States of America by popular singer and HIV/AIDS campaigner, ALICIA KEYS , with her #WeAreHere Group at the Nigerian House in the States.

This is not me being a prophet of doom but i want all Nigerians to hold on their appetite of joy until this untrusted government succeed in rescuing the girls. If this happens to fall on the same platform as did the previous ploys of the government, then the shame will be bigger and the fight this time around will be fierce, but if it succeed to Bring Back Our Girls, then we will know that they are serious in ending insurgency.

However, unending kudos should and must go to the Bring Back Our Girls Advocacy Group who have stood for 171 DAYS in order to make sure that the girls are not forgotten. God bless them all.