Fighting the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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Yesterday we (I and some Nigerian professors) spent close to an hour analyzing whether or not Barack Obama of the United States of America will survive as a president if brought to Nigeria to rule. Quite some interesting facts were released by those who found the topic debatable. Some of them believe that Obama will crack like a pack of rock fired under pressure if he attempt leadership in Nigeria while others say he will make it because of his tenacity, dynamism, decisiveness and ability to strengthen the weak “institution” that we have. I hope to get your own view on this as you are done reading.

In all of our discussions yesterday, one point formed the bedrock of my topic of projection today and that is “fighting President Goodluck Jonathan”. President Jonathan could say that the reason he has under-performed since he took on the position of president is because he’s been fought from every angle. But you and i know that’s not true! I only drew this line to establish a point here. Because the truth is that Jonathan has under-performed because he has been confused ever since he entered their, even till this very moment, he still doubt or rather still did not believe that he’s the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

That been said, the likes of Governor Rotimi Amachi of Rivers State, Retired Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, Atiku Abubakar and a whole lot of other prominent and unpatriotic Nigerians are fighting President Jonathan not for the purpose of good governance, not for the purpose of ending the long trade of corruption scandal that has rock this nation, but for their individual selfish goals, for their inability of having more access to squander public fund etc. This however, does not make Jonathan a saint because he’s not. He is as corrupt and unpatriotic as the clique that fights him.

My singular opinion on this is, whether or not they want to fight themselves, they should leave the Nigerian youths out of it. Moreover they only show off their struggle in the public only to get behind a close door and share our money. All we ask of is good governance and safety of the Nigerian people, it’s not too much to ask, that’s our entitlement.



2 Responses to Fighting the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

  1. Though I understand your plight here Sir, But I remember what Formal President Oby said and I quote ” Even Jesus Christ cannot conduct a free and fair election in Nigeria”. This means that the corruption we see less today is more than what it was yesterday. I am not judging My President, Dr GEJ innocent of corrupt practices, but on my own opinion, He is doing His best. Finally, I know of a sure that Nigeria must be better today, tomorrow and until Jesus come. Amen.

    Asiegbu Emmanuel
    May 29, 2013 at 7:34 pm

  2. Talking about misrule and curruption in nigria, why is every body keep calling GOD. what exzatly do we want GOD to come and do for us? to destroy what we build with our own hand? we seems confuses about what we want GOD to do for us, think we practicing DEMOCRASY, hummm. we want GOD remove an elected president? no is not going to be, instead we will have to do the right thing before we pray. mainwhile 2015 is coming that will show if we realy want to rebuild, rebrand this our nation (at least even a lay man know that if you are in abuja and u want to go to kaduna but u are travling kogi direction, no miracle can take u to kaduna). A WORD THEY SAID IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISE!

    Truetalk naija
    June 2, 2013 at 5:15 pm