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Oh God! Where do I begin from? I am aware you know all things but I really need to let out my feelings lest they choke me to death.
Ya Allah, (Oh God) is it fair that our precious ones were stolen away and our Leaders are behaving as though it’s just a case of stolen poultry?
It’s been over a hundred days and my hopes tend to wane by the day. My legs have lost their strength. The hands that often hasten breakfast for my precious ones are now lame for lack of work. My eyes have doubled their sizes for I cannot stop weeping. Doctor Sule said I needed to calm down- he fears the worst. What is life anyway? Sleepless nights? Even food tastes bland if ever I ‘create’ an appetite for it. The night is often lonely with tension stirring us in the face. The land which used to be a citadel of peace seems to be running away from itself. Where then lies the hope of it’s inhabitants?

For days I have wept, but they never returned. I even fasted for forty days but nothing was heard, only a hint of their location. Then my hopes shot up like a rocket, since “The less”, they say, “is often included in the greater”, but…days and days passed.., nothing.
Dear God, I am not questioning you but please, what good have my people done with news of our daughters’ location? I am thankful that I saw the two of them in the video those evil men released. Oh how I weep for Maman Margaret (Margaret’s mother) – she couldn’t spot her only daughter. [sniff]

See what our government is doing and punish- no! I shouldn’t pray that way. Let it be one of their wards’ strand of hair, and they would have quickly swung into action. I know that we don’t have much but at least, we do not beg for food; though they treat us as such. I am praying that you bring our daughters safe. These Leaders have proved not worth praying for.
Sarkin Duniya, (King of the Earth), if you bring back my daughters safe, I promise to take good care of them if I find them pregnant. I promise to treat their ‘kids’ as gifts from you (difficult as this may seem) I also promise to erase every trace of evil from their lives as they grow. I may not be God, but I am counting on your aid.

In tears, I bow ya Mai ceto (the Saviour.) I choose to have faith in You because I recall Pastor Yerima ringing into our ears that the heart of a king is in your hands. Toh, what more can I say? If you have to force our Leaders to do what is just and fair, just do it kawai! If it’s ‘the evil men’ that you will transform into angels, even better. At least, let me see Kauna and Talatu again before I … I made you a promise and hope that you keep me alive to fulfil it.


Well meaning Nigerians!
Prayers of the Parents of our abducted Girls would have translated into curses on our Leaders by now. The quest for the Girls’ freedom is one matter that must never go stale until the right thing is done. Nigerians, a collective effort is needed here but we do have Leaders to answer to, to follow and Bring Back Our Pearls.

So help us God.





  • Emeystan

    Our Lord God will surely unravel all the perplexing questions we have been asking about the disappearance of our daughters and sisters.
    A nice one Edith… Keep the good works on…

    • Edith

      Thank you Emeka.