Fraudulent Pastor Danarry Leke And The Urgent Need To Repent -By Victory Destiny

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Pastor Danarry Leke & Helen Danarry


I refuse to be quiet when men of God use our trust on them to deceive us and rob us of our hard earn money, then turn back to say we were never forced. I made an allegation recently of how Pastor Danarry Leke of Living Faith Church Bida polytechnic branch introduces us to MMM, saying it was God revelation to him of financial empowerment. We fell for it blindly, partially out of ignorance and over trust on mere mortal, I am glad that the truth is out and the church saying it was only the wife Helen Danarry Leke that participated in the Ponzi scheme (MMM) was a lame excuse.

Where did Pastor Danarry Leke got money from to build those six flat apartment in Bida? Was it a gift from the Church members to him? Are full-time Pastor allowed to participate in any business? Or the apartments belong to his wife? The Church should be firm and stand by the truth, let us not deceive the congregation or hide anything from them, it will do our Church no good.

Pastors in Nigeria have taken advantage of their church members using the Bible to ‘rob’ them and also break happy homes.

Nigerians who have been ‘robbed’ by these criminal pastors should be bold and speak up because these fake pastors need to be shamed for their dubious means of collecting huge sums of money from Nigerians. I went through a lot in life all because pastor Danarry Leke made me believe MMM was a divine financial blessing for the poor. I know several Nigerians have also experienced such problems in the cruel hands of such ‘men of God, let’s be bold to speak up now before it’s too late.

Victory Destiny,
Federal Polytechnic Bida,
Niger State.