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Nigeria is one of the largest producers of oil in the world, producing one of the purest oil ever recorded in history yet, from time immemorial we have had series of fuel scarcity in Nigeria, uncountable number of pump price increase from different government. The question on every ones lips right now is, how can one be the supplier of something and still be lacking in that thing? How possible is it?

The situation is becoming very unbearable on the residents of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. It affects every category of people who reside in these town, as long as you fall under these group of people; car owners or users, bike owners or users, generator owners or users, or road user (Passengers). Trust the motorist to increase the transportation fare, places that ordinarily cost N100 now goes for N250, which is over 100% increment, passengers are paying through there noses. In my own thinking they are not to be blamed at all.

The most annoying and incomprehensible thing in this country is why men and women will pay high rental fees for there apartments and end up sleeping in filling stations just to get fuel, and some bosses in the office still has the boldness to issue warning letters to their subordinates and sack some for coming to work late.

No doubt this is a complete failure of leadership in Nigeria, because I cannot see anything wrong with the people of Nigeria, we are blessed with everything to make life comfortable, the things other nations can kill for, we have in abundance and yet we are suffering in our own country, what other reasonable explanation is there to give?

Is time once again to call on our president, the NNPC, PPMC and the Minister of Petroleum, Mrs Allison-Mauekwe to get their butt off their seat and act. They have left too many questions unanswered. The Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, made us to understand that the fuel scarcity in the country is not caused by there inability to pay petroleum marketers but the destruction of PPMC pipe lines around the country, what a lame excuse to give at this time.

Its my belief that its time for the Minister of Petroleum, Mrs Allison-Maduekwe to resign honourably or be sacked by the President, because since her reign as the Petroleum Minister, her actions and inactions has not helped in anyway to change the face of Nigeria’s petroleum problem and note, it was under her nose that billions of dollars was misappropriated.

Its my prayer that God grant the ordinary Nigerian the serenity to accept what they can’t change, and the courage to change what they can, and the knowledge to know the difference. Long live Nigerians.