Gbosas for an Amazon -By Morocco Ibrahim

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Aisha Yesufu


There are some people you meet, or you have dealings with and your life is never the same again. Such people affect you in deeper ways that you know and understand, and can describe.

Aisha Yesufu is someone I cherish so much, I can’t find the right words to describe her. Aisha is bold and courageous, she has the heart of a lion, she’s completely fearless, and holds extremely strong convictions, such that she is willing to stand alone on anything she believes in. On the other hand she’s abnormally kindhearted, hates injustice, and is a fiercely loyal and dependable person. This is someone you can leave your life in her hands and go to sleep or travel, and not have to think about it. Aisha Yesufu is reliable! Whenever there’s something of urgency Aisha is already at the door waiting.

I believe I’m one of those privileged to have direct access to Aisha any time, any day, and trust me, any time I bring a topic about someone who needs help, or something, sometimes people are in trouble and have no one to speak up for them or help them out, sometimes people need a little support here and there, all she does is to ask, ‘Morocco what is the way out, what do we do?’ without even investigating or making further findings. She’s never interested in the details what she wants is solutions. She’s not interested in long grammar, once I say something she’s fine with it. I can’t count how many people this amazing woman has helped directly through my interventions, and a lot are still appreciating till today. None of these people she knew before they encountered her. Some she helps without even meeting.

Aisha is a woman of her words. If she says something, take it as it is and go to sleep. You will never hear stories or explanations later. Whatever it takes to fulfil her word to you, she will pay the price, no matter what it will cost her just in order not to fail one.

She doesn’t say one thing and mean another. She doesn’t get involved in something and wait for others to make it work. Everybody knows of her involvement in #BringBackOurGirls and her passion for the Chibok girls, but only few know that for one particular Chibok girl who escaped in the early days whom the Borno State Government refused to take care of, Aisha took her up as her own daughter. She lived with Aisha, Aisha put her in a decent school, supervised her school work, and did everything she did for her biological children, plus more because that Chibok girl needed special attention, she facilitated her foreign travel and so on. Everybody who knew her saw the transformation within a short period of time.

Many of the things I’m saying here are personal, and being a private person she wouldn’t like what I’m making public here. I’m sorry, I just have to do this because Aisha means a lot to me. These are things we say of people after they die. My conscience will not allow me if I wait another day.

Aisha hates injustice. She detests cheating. She is against every form of oppression. She is against the bad governance and bad leaders who give way to all of this and isn’t afraid of taking on any one she sees as the offender, be you who ever you are, or think you are. Incidentally however, for someone like me you will never ever see Aisha Yesufu criticising me no matter what I do. The worst she will do is call me aside and discuss the matter in a joking way, because she already knows that I know what I did was wrong so she wouldn’t want me to feel bad.

Aside from her open display of passion and fierceness, she is very tender, soft and compassionate. After tearing down Twitter or after a bursting all the veins on her face expressing her strong feelings, you won’t believe that she’ll be the same person you’d see laughing, joking and playing. And that’s one other thing, she never holds grudges with anyone. Fight now, the next minute you’re friends again, and she honestly wouldn’t recall that she just fought or what the fight was all about.

If you don’t know her,you will always misjudge her. From her appearance always in her strict Sharia-compliant hijab you may think her to be a religious fanatic. Very far from it. Her religious belief isn’t in form and appearance, it’s from the heart that translates into kind actions.

She has raised her children to feel free to not only discuss anything with her, but to disagree with her if they want. They are free to argue their points, in depends on whose points are superior. Sometimes she lets them win an argument and have their way. When things go the way she foresaw she smilingly points them to what she was saying that they didn’t understand. She believes children should be raised to be independent minded, to be rational and able to ask questions. She believes this is the way to have a society of active citizens who are critical thinkers, and who are able to hold government accountable.

Aisha Yesufu is a super woman. I will forever cherish and stand by her.

Today, is her birthday, join me in giving this phenomenal women 44 cheerful Gbosas!