General Buhari Is Not More Nigerian Than You.

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The ruse and rants by some Northerners regarding the survived attack on the person of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, got me all wild up. If Buhari had died in that attack, the meaningless live that people live in Nigeria will definitely continue, as Buhari is not MORE Nigerian than those who has overtime, lost their lives in the continued attack by members of the dreaded Islamic sect popularly known as Boko Haram.

With the porous and delicate state of the nation today, nothing is impossible anymore. Buhari is more than capable of orchestrating or staging such an attack on himself in order to point fingers in the direction of the obvious. If the late Emir of Kano could be tried, how much more Buhari? The clarity of the issue is that Boko Haram is waging war not just on Christians or Muslims, but anyone who they see as a threat. A study of their methodological pattern proves that they are going after all those Northern political bigwigs who pretend to support their course only to be manipulating them for their own selfish purposes.

Considering what we’ve experienced in Nigeria since Independence, and what we as Nigerians are still experiencing today, one will not be out of line to state precisely and concisely, that most Northerners have a polluted mentality. They don’t like to go to school, they’re begged to go to school and those who by self willingness, wants to go to school, don’t get the support of their parents. My piece is not to insult any section of the country or in anyway disrespect them, but to established the true fact of the compounding situation in the country today and its origin. This is the practical reality of things with these group of Nigerians and the people to blame are their leaders. Power was entrusted to them for decades, what did they do with it? Even a creation as small as an NGO, have you seen or heard of any own(ed) by these Northern leaders specifically for the poor and needy in the all of North?

It is easy and very simple for any of you to get up and begin to defend them. Their ideology and mind composition is far away from your sensitization and development. You are still blinded by sentiment that you cannot see how badly you all have been wounded again and again by those you love and fight for.

The only embracing growth, peace and stability that will ascend the shoulders of Nigeria is one engineered by a collective principles of everyone. Standing on your sentiments, your ethnic values, religious or political affiliations will only split us farther apart and the resulting effect of such mannerisms, will be war, an experience i believe, not many of us wish to see.