Ghanaian government driving out Nigerians: Irresponsible

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Have an initial capital of $300,000 and be ready to employ up to 10 Ghanaians in any of your business establishments(whether its a barbing salon, restaurant etc) or be ready to stop operation and get set to leave Ghana, said the Ghanaian authorities to Nigerian business men and women in Ghana.

Ghanaian authorities for some time now, have been embarking on hostile business practices against Nigerians who are predominantly in real estate, banking, telecommunication, electronics, textile and garments and tourism. They call it a nation-wide sweep-off of Nigerians.

Nigeria has been very good and assistive to their West African neighbours, Ghana especially. In spite of Nigerians contributing immensely in boosting Ghana’s economy and raising her standard of living, Ghanaian authorities still treats them like enemies. It is also understood that there are other nationals like Mali, Cote D’Voire, Niger and Cameroun who operate shops like the Nigerians over there, but are not being disturbed by the authorities, meaning that this is a witch-hunt game solely to Nigerians.

Ghanaian government imposed high tariff on Nigerian movies; Ghanaian government restrict Nigerian actors and actresses from shooting films in Ghana; Ghanaian government closing down Nigerian businesses and ejecting the business men and women from Ghana; Ghanaian government making operation tough for telecoms operator -Globacom Ghana…

It is not very clear as to why they are doing this at this period in time. Is the Ghanaian government of the opinion that the Nigeria situation is a hopeless and unrecoverable one? Or they want there own pound of flesh as regards Ghana-Must-go? Or the government is just being irresponsible and cares less of what becomes of her economic situation after Nigerians leave? Or is it that the current President of Ghana is unaware of the ECOWAS trade treaty in place? Well, I am not sure what they have in mind, but if Ghana thinks she’s so strong and stable that she can stand alone, then she is making a very big mistake, no country no matter how big or powerful, can stand or operate alone.