God: Supremely Misunderstood -By Ishaq Usman

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One gets this feeling that the Englishman didn’t fully grasp the sanctity of an existential reality.This must explain why the word “God” has a female gender,plural and junior brother.Today,we get barraged with different versions of how a personal relationship with God should be.This ultimately leads to the question-is God misunderstood?

“Only God can judge me”,one cliché a popular.The guy seen smoking weed doesn’t want to be “judged”. The girl who goes about in an itinerary,proselytizing the mushy mushy sweetness of how much of a delicacy her body is doesn’t want to be “judged”. That man maltreating his family doesn’t want to be “judged”. They all detest being “judged” because God,the Most Merciful,will judge them.However,when a guy that smokes weed comes to ask for the hand of the guy that smokes weed’s sister’s hand in marriage,the first guy that smokes weed vehemently,with muscularly encumbered opposition,fights against this.One wonders what happens to “Don’t judge me” then.

The girl that goes about in an urbane mannet, sharing her body with people will be the first to “over my dead body” any proposed relationship between her brother by blood and her sister in dark arts, but “don’t judge me”.

God,in HIS majesty,created the heavens and everything under it.He gave us air,water,sight,legs and many things we underestimate.Pray,we can shit any day and anyhow we like.After this numerous blessings,HE told us what to do and what not to do.Boda Dele told Tunde to keep things in order before he gets back but Tunde disobeyed and got the beating of his life.God blessed Boda Dele with wealth.He disobeys him without compunction and whenever the “disturbers”(preachers) come,he’ll be like “Don’t judge me.God is merciful God, HE’ll understand”. Its funny that Boda didn’t “understand” Tunde’s disobedience but waives this flag when he is the one with the sin. People wake up to God being their close, best friend etc. They feel they have a special relationship with God and a very “clean heart” .Let them cheat,fornicate,steal etc.Their heart is still pure.God knows humans are weak and will still fall to sin.Since HE knows this,allow them to continue disobeying HIM.

God has powers.So capable is HE of miracles that herds of humans feel part of an esoteric prism of selected beneficiaries of these miracles.So they don’t read or read less,don’t treat themselves or don’t work expecting that faith will give everything to them. Government doesn’t work.Do you blame her?She recognises God’s ability to send angels with tractors to come build factories.She expects angels to generate electricity with rivers in Garden of Eden.This explains why she spends millions of naira on prayers.She shows in churches and mosques.She opens every meeting with prayer,steals money and still ends it with prayer.She still believes in HIS miracles but miracles that favours them.So when they steal money,God will not allow people know.God will always make us to continue fighting ourselves.She doesn’t know that for HIM to send thunder to fire them is also a miracle.

Who is God to you? One who you worship or One who leniency you exploit to “don’t judge me” everything? Read,with the understanding and humility of a slave,the answers will come to you a crave.

By Ishaq Usman