Governance: Revolution, Resolution, Restructuring (1) -By Micheal A. Adeniyi

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“Finally, Good people of Nigeria my resolution is for us to restructure irresponsible governance”

An administration process whereby a group of people take control,  guide and protect others in a territory is know as governance. Today we use the word democratic government for this system of leadership,  in which we elect such people under what we know as democracy which is from the people by the people and for the people,  we elect them to govern,  they are to take charge over the affairs of our territory.

In Nigeria today we need the resolution of the mind,  a proper restructuring of the system of government and revolution against corruption and other vices peculiar to governance,  the government  of Lagos cannot be responsible for the people of Kano! your governor is responsible for anything you are facing in Nigeria! hold your governors. The responsibility of Nigeria had been shared  with those you elected as your governors and Local government chairmen,  they are to be responsible for anything around you. An example is “Ekiti state which made a law against herdsmen invasion of its state unlike other calling on the president”responsibility had been shared!.   The governor’s are to govern everything around their territory, now watch irresponsible waste, poor resource control in some states.  Nigeria system of government is never the problem,  the FG is never the problem, You are your own problem, those who govern “your territory ” are the problem . A federation is always made up of group of states with a central government but also has internal independence autonomy. My states have powers to make laws , your states can make some decisions as they have always been doing,  infact some have decided to owe salaries,  some have decided to divert bailout funds. All our state have a Legislative , a Judiciary and an Executive. We also have the constitution we never cared about,  let the resolution begin.  The revenue sharing formula of our allocation  give more to states that generate more. It is all about generating , saving and and earning.  The question is “is this structure working for (us),  you?? No, is it working for individual? Yes, do you agree with the fact that billions are being stolen by  individuals? Now let’s face the fact that  failure as a nation is from the grassroots, the fundamental government and  never the Federal Government.

Watch out for part (2)

Micheal A. Adeniyi