Government has failed, Churches has failed, who do we look up to?

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I will be stating the obvious when i say that the Nigerian government has failed in their responsibility to protect and provide for her citizenry. In most cases and in other places of the world, failed government look up to Churches for revival and redemption. However, that option is no longer a thing to look up to as regards Nigeria since Churches and Pastors themselves has failed in their duty and responsibility to the people.

Nigeria is rated the most religious nation on earth, yet the country is among the first sixth most corrupt nation in the planet, what an irony. It only shows that there is a disconnect between the Church and the society. Value system no longer exist. Many of the pastors are quick to receive car and house keys for dedication (how you get them does not matter).

Today a Church/Pastor is seen as successful based on the number of crowd he can pull and size of church building. Every street in Nigeria no matter how small, has a Church. The Churches of today are busy competing on television among each other, to be seen as the church that runs the most number of Sunday services. Some Churches now have 7th and 8th services IN A SINGLE SUNDAY, yet 98% of the youths in the congregation are decaying under immorality!

Most Nigerian Churches today are pumping in so much money in building gigantic structures beautifying their alters when 70% of the youths are unemployed. The Pastors have flits of cars and brag in their sermons of how they drive the most expensive and sophisticated cars in town, yet 80% of the students in their churches will have to drop out of school next session because they have no money to pay for tuition.

Today every Church wants to air there program on TV weekly. This translate to millions of Naira in a month. Yet widows and widowers in the congregation don’t know from where they will get the next bottle of kerosine to cook for their children.

The Church that “used” to be the last hope for the common man is no longer welcoming the ppoor, since the poor, “has no seed to sow”.

Lets go back to the path our fathers took. Nigeria is not corrupt, its we the citizens that are corrupt.