Government moves to adopt 2nd Stanza of the National Anthem as a National Prayer: Where are we piloting to ?

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At times you wonder why people get violent at the slightest push not knowing maybe, just maybe they have endured too much, so much so that they could bear it no more. It pains me dearly that the Nigerian government instead of concentrating on things that really matter to the development of the nation, they dwell on trivia issues and unimpactful projects. Of what benefit or difference will a national prayer in the manner of the “Second Stanza” of the “National Anthem” bring to Nigeria?

The CBN governor took on the Cashless Policy Project few months ago, abandoned it halfway and went on to press the button of restructuring the currency by introducing N5,000 note while other lower denominations are coined. These are not what Nigeria needs today. These are not the kind of things Nigerians want to hear at this moment. There is the issue of Boko Haram which has not yet been sorted out, there is the issue of oil marketers who seize the constant flow of PMS, there is the issue of overage and troubled power supply, there is the issue of youth unemployment, the issue of corruption, the issue of dead industries, the issue of dead refineries and too many more.

I think it’s time our leaders wake up to the reality of the swarming negativities that’s covering this nation. A large number of people in this country no longer believe in its unity. Something needs to be done, and done pretty fast.