Has 800 metre walk become a prerequisite to a second term in office? -By Mumhammed Mikail Jibril

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This has come under media spotlight after the President trekked from the Eid ground in Daura, katsina state on Sallah day back to his residence. Surprisingly, President Buhari’s reelection has been linked to his physical and health status as many view him to be too old to re-contest for 2019 presidential election.

Arguably, when Buhari came into power in 2015, he was loved and accepted by a lot of Nigerians and was supported unconditionally but in three years a lot has happened and I believe that when things are wrong we have to say it as it is regardless of who is at the helm of affairs. Personally I believed in the president but he has failed us and a change is paramount at this stage. We still believe in his integrity and willingness to fight corruption but a government who is as old as his and still clinging onto the mistakes of its predecessors would find it hard to move forward.


Buhari trekking from prayer ground to his private residence amidst cheers

I believe every leadership role comes with its difficulties and stress as well, so much so The stress of ruling a heterogeneous and diverse nation such as Nigeria. At age 75 and still in a leadership position, what does the feature hold for those we call “The Leaders Of Tomorrow” I believe that tomorrow is NOW, we need to act and to take control of our destinies. I strongly believe that the “Not Too Young To Run” bill was signed into law for a purpose. I strongly call on all Nigerians out there to make this opportunity count come 2019 general elections.