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The self acclaimed “special one” who now wishes to be recognized as the “happy one” have finally gotten his dream move back to his “comfort zone” as we were made to believe. The former Inter Milan gaffer is no doubt an excellent tactician, one among the best in the game, only few can boast to have bested him both on and off the pitch. He’s never known to be afraid of any form of confrontation, be it physically or verbally, Tito Vilanova can attest to the brute nature of the man. When the former was the assistant manager to Pep Guardiola, the ‘angry one’ poked Tito’s eyes as both involved in a heated argument.

The radical and very controversial manager have had several spat with the media, against some of his players, other players, and his colleagues when trying to gain the competitive edge on and off the field. Some have termed it as ‘mind game’ while others see it as a deliberate attempt to attack personalities rather than face the game.

Shown the exit door in 2006/2007 season, then as the manager of Chelsea FC, by Roman Abramovic. In what was considered the glorious era of the football club, the only trophy which eluded the Portuguese manager was the champion’s league which many opined was the reason for his dismissal. He was given a place of refuge in Italy, Internacional Milano, where he forged himself into a small god, worshiped by the many fans of the club. Winning the treble, including the champions league which seemed to be an obsession for the former Porto Manager.

It though looks like trouble travels with the Portuguese supremo. He’s been sanctioned, banned from game venues and in some occasion lucky to escape with a touch-line ban as a result of controversial statement against referees and the football authority.

Jose Mourinho needs no introduction, he is not trying to be the best, and he’s right up there with the best football tacticians the world can offer at the moment. But, the debate continues, was he a colossal failure at Real Madrid?

Mourinho’s disciples may want to argue that three seasons with the galacticus amassing three trophies sure looks like a success. But, the pedigree of the manager and the massiveness of los merengues, the best counter attacking team in the world, dangerous without the ball and considering the arrays of super stars assembled at his disposal was enough material for the special one to achieve the la decima which have eluded the Madrid giants.

It is all there for everyone to see, that Jose Mourinho was a shadow of his formal self in the Spanish capital, looking rattled and pale and constantly looking over his shoulders for Barcelona and their breath taking performance in the course of the season. Facing troubles left, right and center from his employers, players, media and very much everyone. It won’t be out of place to judge that Jose took the escape root out of Spain to gain a bit of respite. He called it “politics” but it is well documented that the pressure to achieve, and the complete dominance of Barcelona coupled with the fact that the happy one is going trophyless in the season it was expected that the Real Madrid President was not going to let matters rest.

Happy one, yes, but special one, not any more at least not to the Real Madrid faithful and must be under pressure to succeed in his second coming to the Premier League because as he may have noticed, the eccentric billionaire know how to wheel the hammer as well as Fiorention Perez, the Real Madrid President.