HERE’S LIFE’S TELESCOPE -By Samuel Ufot Ekekere

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here's life's telescope


Those little years as a pupil in primary school, I was so engrossed with geography. I loved the sights of maps and planets. I took my time to study them even to their minute details. It was an interesting experience as I wondered how scientists managed to see beyond the atmosphere into space. My inquisitive mind wondered from books to documentaries. Thank God we had DW Deutch Wielden, a German television whose science programs were being rebroadcasted on one of our local channels. I got to know that scientist had the opportunity to see space through the eyes of a telescope. They saw beyond the common eye. Those who go far in life see beyond what can be seen. They see the future from today through the telescopes of life. They see the beauty of tomorrow far away from today’s rough patches and they are determined to experience that tomorrow. Others may not have the same view sight and that does not deter them. What they know is, they have seen what others cannot see. That’s what propelled the first astronauts to make the first journey out of space. They had seen the beauty of space from the lens of the telescope and they were determined to experience it firsthand.

No matter how challenging present time may seem, and how people may attest to the impossibility of a present challenge, the possibilities of the nearest future is beyond your normal comprehension. You will have to develop an aided sight. If you are opportune to be empowered with that extra aid, your view becomes farther, your gaze improves and so the thirst for reaching that future you have seen with your aid. The telescope brings the farthest unseen far object in space to a present big form allowing for analysis of the object which the natural human eyes won’t be able to see. The telescope is like faith. Faith brings about the present realization in a huge way of the future desire. It brings in object form an inexistent yet hopeful desire. Faith helps one live each day in the future desire. The fact that the scientist has a telescope does not mean he can use it. Having and using are two different scenarios. If you have it, you must learn to use it and use it right. There is the capacity to develop faith and focus in every man, however, one must learn to apply them the right way to yield the kind of results required. Scientists analyze planets and stars without having reached there. They know so much of a planet yet have not stepped an inch into it. That’s the power of the telescope. You can analyze that your great future, know what it contains without having reached there. You can have a sight at your future house, car, family, child, degree etc., even if you aren’t there at the moment. Knowing what is packed in that package called tomorrow helps you focus however what may come around to take you off.

Telescopes are of sizes based on the distance the scientist intends to reach. Farther distances require telescopes of larger focal curvature. The extent of the future you want to have in your hands is dependent on developing an increased expectation. The bigger your expectation, the bigger what you get. You can’t live beyond what you expect. The telescope has knobs to either increase or decrease the distances between the lenses so as to increase or decrease its focus. You must develop an increased focus. The more you focus on the future, the clearer it becomes and the stronger the motivation to succeed at what you focus in.

Those who get the best from life are those who have the capacity to see beyond what present pictures may offer. The future may be great or worse but the telescopic man puts himself to profit most in all situations because he has seen them all. He has seen the movement of economics, finance, instability and opportunity today that is walking towards a future occurrence so these helps him find opportunity by placing himself ready for the future endpoint. It is for this reason we often claim that a man has foresight.

The possibilities of tomorrow are huge to the man who will develop an eye to see beyond today. You need the eyes of the future, you need life’s telescopes.


 Samuel Ufot Ekekere writes from Uyo, Nigeria. As a teacher, motivator, and writer, he writes inspiring writs on personal development for all categories of persons. He believes everyone needs motivation. Connect on twitter @inyang21and, +2347062809301