Homosapiens As An Ingrate Being -By Abdulsalam Toyeeb Opeyemi

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Alas, human being with all this abundant grace and mercy endowed upon him by his creator, he is still ungrateful. They commit a lot of atrocities ranging from Adultery, Killing, Gambling, Alcohol drinking and cheating one another. What an ingrate being! “And (recall) when your Lord said to the angels, I am going to appoint a supreme religious head in the land, they said, will you create there in such people as will cause disorder on the land and shed blood while we already glorify you with your true praise and extol your holiness. God answered I know that which you do not know {Quran 2:30}. My question is with your recent practice on earth, is it ditto to God’s aim of your creation? No, am I going to say the angels were right but Almighty God is ever-knowing than any.

Almighty God warned human to go far from Adultery the Quran 7:32 says ” And keep away from Adultery and fornication, surely it is an abominable act and evil practice”. Yes it is an evil practice, a practice that leads to permanent devastation, a practice that leads one astray. God is not preventing us from Zina(fornication), because he has a wife or a daughter we might later fornicate with but because he does not want the Son of Adam to go astray and to get devastated. What is the essence of having thirty minutes enjoyment and a life sadness? Fornicators, are prompt to many diseases HIV/AIDS, STDs, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and a lot more. The Bible also testify to this {1st Corinthians 6:18} but today, prostitution is a common business, it is now even a profession practiced by students in tertiary institutions nowadays.

Nevertheless, the shedding of human blood is now very rampant in the world today as man can do everything possible in the quest for status and power. The wickedness of man, is more than the viciousness of an octopus and the ferocity of a tiger. “He who kills a human being unless for reforming or murdering has killed the entire human race”{Quran 5:32}. In the same vein, the Bible imposed on man Exodus 20:13 says” You shall not murder”. Politicians can tell me more about that.

Nonetheless, Gambling, an act which is forbidden by both religion (Islamic & Christianity) has now become an inevitable and a practice in which Homo Sapiens is found engrossed in. The Quran 5:90 says ” O you who believe! Intoxicants {alcohol} and games of chance [gambling] and alters setup for false deities and divining arrows are only abominations, some of Satan’s (the devil) handiwork, therefore shun each of these act so that you may attain your goal”. The Bible Ephesians 5:18 also says ” Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery; instead be filled with the spirit”. But in world today, these act of abominations are prominent to man. One of humans great plight is that whatever God’s prevent us or want us to do, we do like the reverse. Nairabet, Lotto, Baba Ijebu and MMM e.g I sight you, I know you can tell me much more about them.

More so, the practice of cheating one another today is ubiquitous as people now view it as a means of survival. The holy book says ” O you who believe! Do not consume one another’s property amongst yourselves by unlawful means, rather it be a trade based on free mutual consent; And do not kill your people”{4:29}. The act of robbing, stealing, embezzlement of public fund, and frauding is now wild spread. Recently this happened to me( View the screenshot up in the article). I know some ladokites and politicians have more to say about this act.

Next on this Homo Sapiens series would be ” What is the life of this world?”

Abdulsalam Toyeeb Opeyemi (Dr. Possible)
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