How Barack Obama retained the 44th america’s presidential position.

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If you live in America or happened to be in America during the period of election, you may have listened to many speeches of both candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, seen all sorts of campaign ads, read both of their plans and promises, reviewed opinion polls and perhaps, analyse to see in truth, which candidate spoke to your issues.

Every four years, America re-presents to the world reasons why she will continue to remain great. The always re-invigorated political, social and conceptual values of the people of America is built in the ideals and formative principles set aside by there founders. This ideals in conjunctions to their diversities yet again used as a factor to their proven uniqueness.

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are undoubtedly similar individuals in terms of political ideologies, only stylishly distinctive in terms of methodologies. While Obama before 2008, saw that America will be stronger not by fighting more wars through the use of ammunitions, but application of diplomacy. While Obama in 2008 as well as now, synergized that the only battle Americans needed to fight is that of the crisis clogging down her economy. The battle of reformation and transformation, the battle of non-structured and anti-people policies, the battle of unemployment-through job creation etc,

Obama retained the 44th America’s presidential position not because more blacks voted for him, nor because more whites has believed in him. But because he has continually given hope to the people of America through productive actions. A woman who voted for her first time in the history of the country’s election said, that she voted for Obama because for the first time, her taxes dropped and her take-home income increased. Another woman said she chose to vote Obama because for the first time in four years, she saw her son again, after returning from war.

It is not the number of garbage you meet in office that determine who you are and how you will be viewed or rated by the people you lead, but by how you are able to manage and turn those garbage to a result yielding use. Obama met America at a crippling stage, no thanks to George Bush, but managed to turn things around, brought home American soldiers from the Afghanistan, Iraq etc.

Obama won because he gave opportunity to everyone irrespective of where you come from. Black, white, Hispanic, native America, Asia, Nigeria, gay, straight etc. He believes that as long as they are willing to try, they can make it in America. He made every American realise that its not always about what can be done for them but what can be done by them -the American spirit.

Despite all the hardship, despite the difficulties of Washinton, Barack Obama remained hopeful for better days. Today, he returned to the white house more determined, more inspired than ever…i hope that other country leaders were able to steal a broom from the bunch.