How do they manage to sleep at night?

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We the Nigerian youths are constantly been accused of many things, from youthful exuberance to youth inexperience. In recent times, the conceptual parathym of their thoughts has been shifted to educated but unemployable. When the few who are tired of maltreatment rise up to say “NO” through the instrument of protest and civil disobedience, they call them violent, immature and incapable of handling simple live complications.

Yesterday while in a meeting, discussing on how to make better, the conflict between commercial cab/bus drivers and the FCT Administration, a man who sat close to me tapped me in the shoulder and asked, “how do these guys managed to sleep at night with all these atrocities they perpetuate?”. I looked at him and smiled, not knowing the right answer to give at that moment.

Their sleeping hours might be horrible, pathetic and depressing. When you don’t acknowledge God in whatever you do in live, mehn, you are definitely on your own. What kind of a man will nature allow to sleep in peace after depriving men and women who had tediously served their country, only to be told that their pension money is missing just because one idiot hid the entire money in his ceiling? How snuggling do you think such an inhuman character sleep?

Our judicial system has been basterdized by those imbacile that put blames on the youths who are struggling to reshape and re-organize. I read an article here in OpinionNigeria that says, “Why a Nigerian Revolution Should Be Expected than a Possible Break-up”, that REVOLUTION is really on the way. Little will they know what hit them.

Revolution or break up, whichever one that comes first, they definitely will have a feel of it. When it happened in Libya, late Muamar Ghadafi knew that something had touched him, only that this time, he wasn’t left alive to explain how it felt.