How Government Thugs Raid The #AbujaFamily For #BringBackOurGirls

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For 29 days, beginning from the 30th of last month, the well structured, well organized group known as the #AbujaFamily for #BringBackOurGirls campaign, has continued to sit out at the Unity Fountain with a singularity of purpose -Bring Back Our Girls, Now and Alive. A message that is directed to the Nigerian government, the very government that they gave their mandate. Their action according to them, is to STAND in solidarity with the Chibok girls that was abducted and still remain in the dungeon of Boko Haram, since the 14th of April, this year.

Keeping the abducted school girls issue in the front burner of the government priorities, has been the reason they kept making public statements in the manner they do.

Pictures of AbujaFamily Attack

A pictorial of the recent attack on the AbujaFamily for BringBackOurGIrls Campaign by

Couple of days ago, a large group of Nigerians, undoubtedly RENTED by the government to water down the groups campaign and action, surfaced. Taking over their place of meeting and disturbing peaceful deliberations of the group. Yesterday’s trouble was visible, they danced round the group while they were conducting their meeting, singing songs of trouble and making intermittent gesticulations towards their directions. Despite all this, the group who has sworn to be civil remained resolute and managed to carry on with their meeting.

By the time they arrived at the place of their meeting today, the RENTED CROWD had already positioned themselves in all strategic part of the Fountain, doing NOTHING. The group never asked them to leave or make a space for them, but rather, managed to secure a small space and proceeded with their meeting only to be attacked minutes later by some members from the crowd, who rushed into their center and began attacking them with bottles, destroying their chairs and throwing away their mats.

There’s a hard evidence that these thugs, the marmot crowd was HIRED by the government with a single mission of disrupting the activities of the #AbujaFamily for #BringBackOurGirls. No government official has been able to deny this fact. Whether or not they do, the action is callous, it’s disappointing, it does not tell good about the government and the leadership of the country, and most importantly, it validate the long public message that the government are doing little or nothing to Bring Back the abducted girls.

May God Help Nigeria!