How Malice Can Tear Your Home Apart (a must read for all couples) -By Family Strong

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malice tears a home apart


Husbands and wives should learn how to settle their quarrels without delay. There have been situations where couples allow simple disagreement to fester for days. Husband is silently hurting, expecting the wife to speak to him first. Same for the wife, hurting and expecting the husband to play the man. The waiting game leads from one thing to the other. Please let the story below be a wake-up call for couples:

A Husband and his wife had a domestic disagreement one morning. The man said he was so bitter about it, claiming his wife knew she was wrong but refused to apologize. She felt it was a non-issue and the husband should overlook easily. To say “I am sorry, darling”, to her husband was difficult for her. So many people are like that. Spouses taking each other for granted.

Three days on, malice reigned in the house. The husband said he must get that “I am sorry” from the wife. Wife cooked, husband refused to eat. Everyday he came home with food from the restaurant. He boycotted matrimonial bed. Husband found new friends in the children. Same with wife. By the way, the children were too small 2 break the ice.

One Sunday, they went to church in their different cars but sat side by side during service, pretending to be jolly good husband and wife – Fraud in the house of God! – May God forgive some husbands and wives. But after service, husband went home with d children while she waited 4 women’s meeting. That day, Satan decided to enter d crevice they allowed in their home.

The husband was home already. When he perfunctorily checked his phone, his wife had called him thrice. He disregarded calling her back. Malice. The wife drove in some forty minutes later. He saw Usman opening the gate for her as his phone went on ringing. He checked it. It was his wife. She was in her car at the garage already. What is she calling me for? Foolish and stubborn wife! He said and ignored her calls. The call went on for a while. He ignored it as he sat with the TV.

Thirty minutes later, she did not come in. Something told him to go and check. Is she still in the car? Yes she must be there. He called Usman, Is madam in the car? Few minutes later, Usman rushed in. “Madam is sleeping in her car.” Said the gate-man. That was when he woke up and rushed downstairs. Asthma! Could she be having her usual attack? Could she have forgotten her inhaler?
He quickly took the inhaler and rushed downstairs. When he got there, she was almost breathless. Usman and husband quickly carried her to the back seat and off, he sped like a bat out of hell, to the clinic nearby. Madam was confirmed dead!

If he had picked her call early enough, probably she could have been saved. When you leave domestic disagreement to fester for too long, it leads to greater evil. The husband wept profusely blaming himself. Only God knows how many wives, husbands, children have died such a needless death. Please don’t let the sun go down on your anger, this could ‘strangle’ your marriage. Whatever it is, please make peace with your spouse. Nothing is as painful as living the rest of your life knowing fully well that you were responsible partly or fully for the death of your spouse. It’s not worth it. Come down from your high horse. Make that apology, it will not take away your breath. How many family would have been saved if only the couples had eaten the humble pie. Make a conscious effort today to keep your home intact. I pray you will never weep over your family.