How OAU Students’ Union President Dr IBK Orchestrated The Murder Attempt Of Students -By Oluwadarasimi Samuel

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Leadership has as one of its basic principles, service to the people but when one’s definition of leadership is all in a bid to enjoy the fattenings and gains of office, one may end up slaughtering his followers in a desperate bid to achieve selfish goals.

The recent purchase of the OAU students’ Union bus which was far before its purchase rejected by the rank and files of students as a zero solution to the lingering problem of transportation on campus is today an issue that has turned a black look. The bus purchase which was an attempt by the students’ union to declare a war of competition against the commercial bus operators of the host community and as such drag food with tables of the people is one which is not healthy enough both for the safety of the students and for the survival of the students’ union which has had times in history lane where support of these bus drivers had been sought during struggles of the students and had been rendered in umbrella of the fact that the plights of the students is the plights of the masses whose class the drivers also belong to as victim of circumstances in the society.

Irrespective of the refutations and negations, the president of the union, Oyekan Ibukun (Dr IBK) in connivance with some of his excos went ahead to buy an acclaimed Tokunbo bus which was obviously an assembly of parts as the rim of the vehicle is that of Mercedes product while the body is Toyota, etc. However this was just the beginning of the harm the President meant for the students.

On its first intercity trip just in less than two weeks of purchase, in a security intervention to Lagos by members of the security committee led by the Acting CSO of the Union, the bus on its return due to having a faulty break pad, developed break failure along Ife-Ibadan Expressway which made it uncontrollable and had it make headway into the bush where it only got stopped by a pole which destroyed the body and glasses of the car. As we speak, the vehicle is still at a Mechanic’s workshop at Gbongan with no hope of quick resuscitation.

The story is today a good and fair one as there were no casualties. Howbeit, this does not zero the fact that every day may not be a good day and as such the safety of lives and properties may not be so guaranteed with this situation of things. The president of the union in his carelessness and desperate bid to amass wealth in office had just earned himself a suspension from office, a punishment that may not weigh up to the offense if lives were lost from the accident.

At this point, it is more than imperative that all instruments be put in place to check the motives of the seeming blood-sucking bus so as to prevent the loss of lives of students as lives are worth more than 2.5 million naira acclaimed to be expended in the bus purchase.