How patriotic is it in reciting the National Anthem or Pledge?

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A national anthem and pledge is a song of devotion, loyalty and solemn promise by the people of a nation. This rhyme is usually sang in every official event held within or outside a country. Most individuals master the act of reciting these rhymes while in nursery schools, or at most in secondary schools. The memory almost completely wipe-off as soon as they get into college and after college. I hardly think all grown ups can recite Nigeria’s anthem and her pledge, which is mandatory in national and international events, to strengthen your allegiance to your country.

Not being able to recite this rhymes in most countries is a taboo, in fact, most countries consider it an act of indiscipline, disloyalty and disrespect to there national sovereignty, an offence worthy enough to be charged with treason. Reciting this well drafted piece makes every individual who is sentimentally attached to the country’s anthem to once again call to mind there commitment and show to the entire world there patriotism.

If you carefully analyze anthems of most countries including Nigeria’s, you will agree with me that it constitute very powerful words fused together to form not just an ordinary sentence but something more like an oath of allegiance and a guidance principles. Aside a country’s constitution, the national anthem is another piece meant to guide our actions and inactions, made like a song for simplicity. Important people around the world has received sticks and hammers for failing to recite there country’s national anthem/pledge. It is so serious that individuals who happened to find themselves in a foreign land are compelled to recite the country’s anthem, a good example are footballers.

I wish all this “shenanigan” transforms to utmost loyalty in my country (Nigeria), where the leaders will be courageous enough to always do the right thing even in the face of fear, where they will force down the door of injustice no matter who is behind it, where corrupt people will have no safe house, where we will find politician(s) who steal public fund on handcuffs and behind bars, where they will allow every sentence of the national anthem and her pledge amount to something.

I will like to think that reciting the national anthem and pledge or not being able to recite at all but doing the right thing to translate to every bit of the word in the anthem/pledge would be better preferred in transforming our great nation.

The question is, does one become truly patriotic by reciting the national anthem and saying her pledge Or by doing the content of the anthem and pledge?