I Don’t Blame Trump, But Our President Deserves Respect At Least -By Halim Ishaq Shehu

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I entered my Facebook yesterday and I saw my time-line saturated with lifeless president trendy. I was very inquisitive to know what brings about Buhari being called a lifeless president. So, I asked one of my Facebook friends a staunch Buhari’s supporter, but he declined to answer me. I presumed he thought I deliberately asked him the question to snap at him, but he was wrong. My inquisitiveness prompted me to go to google and search ‘’president Buhari lifeless president’’ and boom I saw the nasty remark made by Donald trump about our president. I felt sad, because our president deserves better than that, but I was not taken aback by trump’s disrespectful utterance against our president.

The type of leaders and the people a country ha serves as the tell the tale sign of how the country will be portrayed.

When you have a country whose leaders have soiled its image with free for all corruption practices and utter disregard for rule of law how do you want the people and the leaders to be addressed? We should remember that this is not the first time trump has made such lewd comment about our country. He once called our country a shit hole country and we condensed the resentment, because we didn’t have the cogent idea to upbraid him to retract his comment.


President Trump of America and President Buhari of Nigeria


When you have a country with depository of abundant resources, but cannot follow one path of economic system and keeps oscillating between one economic system and the order because of the aids and grant she collects from both the both economic blocks, and then forced to practicing a non existing economic system which has become a stumbling block to her development, the country tends to lose her respect.

When you have a country whose the legislative and the executive arms deviate from their primary responsibilities to fighting frivolous battle of self interest with each other and neglect the interest of the people, then, the country is susceptible to be ridiculed in the international scene.

President Buhari’s administration may have been confronted with difficulties such as his inability to protect the people from wanton killings, prevalent of corruption despite every efforts to constrict the scourge, but he deserves respect if not for anything but, for being the one sailing the ship of the most populous black nation.

President trump is becoming like that putrefying stench of a pigsty whose pungent odor has made the land to be disgusting and inhabitable with his uncultured utterances, but you can not blame him. You blame your leaders and the people who have by the acts catapulted the country to being ridiculed and disrespected.