I See The Government Shutting Down The Internet

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I See The Government Shutting Down The Internet

The abduction of over 234 school girls from Chibok commuinty in Borno State, the North-Eastern part of Nigeria, have attracted great voices from various countries, including world power nations such as the United States of America, Russia and Germany. The past few weeks have seen leaders of the Nigerian government scratching the back of their heads as the entire situation appeared to have taking them by sudden. What baffled many Nigerians is the fact that, in the said abducted number, a handful of them have self-escaped yet, the government have not been able to get viable intelligence from any of them in order to rescue the other ones who still remain in captivity.

Their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and relatives, took to the forest in search of the children themselves after they waited for a government that never sent a word let alone, visiting the affected community for more than 10 days after the incidence. If the government can afford to trade the girls, we can’t, because they are our daughters, was the statement of one of the mothers when interviewed by reporters.

Nigerians in their numbers and groups, has staged and still staging peaceful protest and rally in various strategic areas of the Federal Capital City, demanding that the government #BringBackOurGirls, a popular hash tag trending all around the world on Twitter. This protest went out in some other States of the federation, in different time and by different groups, making it more popular and loud, to the point that Nigerians in diaspora began singing in solidarity to the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. Right now, the entire world has joined the campaign as CNN reporters has entered the country for a direct reporting of the developing situation.

The fire is hotter than it was when it started, the government are struggling to seat up even though they are far behind in plan. Nigerians are pushing long and hard on security provision for the people and the pressure has become even higher for the government as the incidence coincides with the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM ON AFRICA, which will have in attendance, 13 heads of state and 1,000 participants.
These entire movement has been made possible via the Internet, through the application of social media, the very medium the government said was imaterial. The fear of Nigerians right now, is that the government may be pushed to shut down the INTERNET and if they do, HOW CAN NIGERIANS COMMUNICATE and continue their #BringBackOurGirls campaign?