ICT In Education And The Work Place.

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Recently President Barack Obama announced nearly $3bn in commitment from the United States communications commissions, and several private technology companies, that in turn closed communications gap in schools across the United States. During the announcement in middle school in Maryland, President Obama said the commitment will help put the world in out of space, and in every child’s finger tips, whether they live in a big city or in a quiet suburb in all rural parts of America.

African governments must take note right away.Already, the continent is way behind in industrial technology, productivity and economic development. African kids may be left farther behind in the ongoing generational economic relay race if they are not aggressively connected to at least some of the basic contemporary teaching technology and devices. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive facilities and platforms now available that African kids can use. A new and good example is StudyHall Africa, produced in Nigeria, that allows primary and high school kids to chat and share ideas in a kidset environment while they also offer very affordable access for remedial maths, science and english.

Technology in education is what can bring resources faster to rural kids in Africa, there is danger that our kids can be left behind, and our future blur. African governments and community leaders should wait no longer in taking up the available opportunity and bring to the African child, the modern technology that defines the future of the world, if they must stand on equal footing, as their counterparts in other continents of the world.

This is my view, what is yours?