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In several occasion we find ourselves in if the desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable situation and at first we think is a way out of a possible horrible situation until we get into it and we want out immediately, most not knowing what to do or how to go about it while most take up incessant nagging. A case scenario, when an individual working with a construction company after eight years of staying at home any possible way out will always excite him as long as he is leaving his home every morning, the excitement will drive him even blind to the terms and agreement of his contract with the company, afterwards, he finds the job boring and the salary uninteresting and quite very poor. In such situations our discussions with friends, colleagues or family always starts and ends with bitter complains about not being able to have savings after transportation and feeding while some complain about the tediousness of the job. I met a chartered accountant, who works for an accounting firm, he was seriously complaining to all who cares to listen about the condition of his home, the children, the salary, the reason why he is acting-up and how he’s paid peanut, that his salary does not in anyway measure up with his qualification invariably he is suffering.

The question is, why don’t you resign? In this part of the country we are afraid of two things; resignation and retiring. But no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves that one of these days will never come the truth is that it must come, there comes a time we draw that line or cross the line. All this maths is done up in the head and in the mind, is a psychology thing, if you are working in a place and you don’t leave there, the enthusiasm will not be there to look for a new place that pays fine, and with a favourable working condition, we must not try very hard just to bear the title “working class” while we are suffering in the hands of employers, of what benefit will it be, that at the end of the month you have already spent all your salary and even owing some people? It goes to the extent that some individuals are on salary advance from there different employers, now that is advance slavery.

Those who are opportune to work in a place with good possibility of salary increment and visible upgrade in level, congratulation to them but, time and time again we find them still in complaining and snivelling mode. Go to offices, you will find out that some people have been working for a particular company or ministry for fifteen or more solid good years without upgrade of any kind, be it in wages or in level and such kind of people are good in giving references about those who entered the service when they did and are earning much more than them and attribute it to either tribal sentiment or just mother luck against them, while those with burning ambition look the way of going fetish or going from one church to the other. But they forget one thing, to critically study the other person and know why he is on steady promotion and of course increase in salary.

Most of us go into an organization with a particular certificate and we expect to work in that organization for the rest of our working years with that certificate and on the other hand we expect to be promoted each time we are due, but live itself doesn’t work that way.

A friend was quarrelling with his wife about the way expenses is going up in the home recently in actuality it has always been at that level. I guess he was lucky to have had a good and reasonable woman as a wife, who sat him down gently and asked what the problem was, when he eventually opened up, his major worries is about salaries, and he said “for the past nine years I have been paid fifty thousand Naira and there is no sign at all that they want to upgrade my status one bit” when the wife try to enquire if he had confronted his manager to know the reason behind such doldrums, he cuts in with “that is what they (the company) pay” but we all know that is not true, there are people in that same office with remuneration above one hundred thousand and it keep increasing.

What ever formula you apply in life and you observe its not working, that is after careful evaluation its worth a change. Look within and dig deep, change is hard though , but when positive change occur in our lives, we live happy ever after. If you are working add to that qualification and if you are self employed and experiencing some difficulty, analyze your problem and change that formula.