Improve your mind’s thoughts and ideas to improve your life.

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Everything might not have gone the way you planned it but remember that all things work together for good for those that love the Lord. I strongly believe that anything that is presently not working well for you will soon turn out to be your greatest advantage.

Let me share this story with you.

It is about a set of twins abandoned in an uncompleted building just after their birth. John and Greg Rice were adopted by a Christian couple after nine months. They each grew to be three foot tall. While they were in high school, their guardian died and things seemed to be working against them.

However the foundation of basic Godly principles was laid in their hearts. During their senior year in high school they learned to make money by selling cleaning and personal care products door to door. They perfected their skills of selling and after their college education; they were promoted to training other salespersons in the company they worked for.

They went into the real estate business in 1979, starting out as real estate agents and then successful investors. Their company is named “Think Big Incorporated”. They grew to become two of the most recognizable experts in their field in the US.

In the 1990s, they became local celebrities in south Florida when they began starring in TV commercials. The multi-millionaires dwarf-twins are among the highest-paid motivational speakers in America today.

See John (blessed memory) and Greg Rice picture below;


They have proved that wealth does not respond to your height, physical size or weight. Wealth is not also a function of your background; it does not have respect for personality and you are not denied of it because of your peculiar circumstances.

Success and wealth only respond to your spiritual and mental height. If you want to improve your life, you must improve the thoughts and ideas that flow through your mind.

What is the challenge that is presently confronting you? Note that if John and Greg Rice could make it with all the challenges that faced them right from birth, you have a better chance of making it too.